Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dear Blessed Mother Mary please pray for Canada

My sister Maureen put together this amazing site on the Marian Congress Ottawa 1947.

There were 200,000 attendees in Ottawa for the congress. An amazing number of people considering that Ottawa itself only had a population of 200,000. I wonder if there were a Congress held today if numbers of 100% of Ottawa's population (almost a million people) would attend a similar congress?

Devotion to Our Lady is even more important today than it ever was. Canada really needs her intervention for abortion and assisted suicide.

From newspaper articles on Maureen's site:
"...In his closing remarks the Pontiff said. “Take courage and know that the Immaculate Mother of God had appealed to her Divine Son so that the repentance of the world will bring redemption"
“...Let the sin laden soul take courage and know that a mother’s heart filled with mercy is pleading with her divine Son for the needed grace of repentance and forgiveness. Let growing youth of both sexes know that loving mother’s eyes are always on them.
No path of circumstances is hidden from her anxious care. Go forward, then with determination, o dear young men and young women, vindicate the glory of your Immaculate Mother. In the face of a vicious world prove that young hearts can still be chaste. And oh, how much depends on the genuine active Catholicity of the home!”
...The Message of the Marian Congress: Intercession with the Mother of God to obtain from her Divine Son, a lasting world peace was the keynote of all the addresses delivered by world known prelates during the Congress.  
In his sermon, a high point of the congress, Archbishop John D’Alton, of Armagh, Irish Primate, said that in this age “of moral anarchy” the world had great need of Mary’s example. She was the ideal mother in the Ideal home.
Today, he said “the home has been invaded by the modern spirit of restlessness and indiscipline which helps to weaken parental authority. ”Then there were the self-styled progressive thinkers who were continually deriding the Catholic ideal of marriage as out of harmony with the trend of modern civilization and who clamored for companionate marriages, easier divorces and birth control...."

Mother Mary pray for us.

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