Friday, November 4, 2016

Ottawa-Vanier - send a message to Patrick Brown

We social conservatives are a naive bunch.

First there was Stephen Harper. We thought he was pro-life. So we voted for him. Then he became leader of the party and he did nothing. And we said, well wait until he gets elected as prime minister. And he did with a minority government and he did nothing. And we said, well wait until he gets a majority. Then he got a second larger minority government and he did nothing. Then we said, well let's wait until he gets a majority. And he did. And he did nothing.


Next we had Patrick Brown who we thought was a social conservative. So we voted for him. He was against the sex education curriculum and abortion. Then he got elected. And now he's "changed his mind".


Notice the pattern here? Politicians who get elected because they court social conservatives, and we vote for them. Then once they get elected they turn their backs on us. I guess they think we are really stupid and that well, "hey if they don't vote for me who else will they vote for, the Liberals haha?" So we don't know what to do and we vote for them.


Well not this time.

In Ottawa Vanier we will be voting for a new MPP after Madeleine Meilleur decided to leave. I was going to vote for Andre Marin. In fact I have his sign in front of my house. After all, who else could I vote for--the Liberal candidate and get another Madeleine Meilleur who had no idea why her government decided to hide abortion information and probably still doesn't? I don't think so.

So I decided to vote for Elizabeth de Viel Castel, an actual social conservative who is against Kathleen Wynne's sex ed curriculum and abortion.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Let's not get fooled again.


  1. how does one donate to her campaign?

    1. Good evening and thank you for asking. Elizabeth's website is now up and running at:

      You can donate, request a sign (if you live in Ottawa-Vanier) or sign up to volunteer, we'd love to have you!