Monday, May 30, 2022

Former Minister of Health commends worker with CPC

We know that Justin Trudeau wants to take away charitable status from pregnancy care centres. It seems he follows Joyce Arthur's lead on this, who despises these centres.

However an ATIP revealed that former Minister of Health Jane Philpott seemed to have a different opinion of these centres. At least she did in her former capacity as Minister of Health in Canada, and before she quit the Liberal party when Trudeau fired her friend and colleague Jody Wilson-Raybould for being too ethical.

Here is a letter Dr. Philpott sent to someone who wrote to her about these centres. (emphasis added)


JAN 14 2016


Thank you for your correspondence of December 29, 2015, inviting me to meet with you to discuss abortion services and how improving the connection with pregnancy centres could be part of a new strategy.

Unfortunately, my schedule does not permit me to accept your kind invitation.

I commend you for your dedication in supporting vulnerable young women facing a crisis pregnancy.

Again, thank you for writing, and please accept my best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

The Honourable Jane Philpott, P.C., M.P.

Friday, May 27, 2022

Ten 25-28 week gestation live birth abortions is not none

Action Canada claims:

"No providers in Canada offer abortion care beyond 23 weeks and 6 days. When they are beyond 23 weeks and 6 days, many Canadians end up having to travel to the United States to access services with little guidance or support from their governments."

Not true. In fact in 2019-2020, there were 84 live birth abortions of 21-24 week gestation, and 10 live birth abortions of 25-28 week gestation in Canada. That is not none. And it is for one year only. And these numbers do not include Quebec abortions. These are abortions that fail, resulting in a live human being being born. And left to die. That is something. And we should all be ashamed.

A few of my posts on born alive and live birth abortions.

(Thanks to Pete Baklinski for alerting me to Action Canada's disinformation on this)

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

NAF Canada rears its ugly head

The National Abortion Federation (NAF) registered in Canada as a "charity" in 2009. For 11 years NAF Canada's presence here had been pretty much non existent. Just check out their income statements at CRA.

The last time they reported to CRA in 2020, this was their income:

Receipted donations $45,000.00 (34.76%)
Non-receipted donations $68,863.00 (53.19%)
Gifts from other registered charities $0.00 (0.00%)
Government funding $4,599.00 (3.55%)
All other revenue $11,012.00 (8.51%)

Total revenue: $129,474.00

In 2020 NAF had one full time employee who earned $108,829, and one part-time employee who earned 6,945. Like all pro-abortion organizations, compensation is very lucrative when your business is supporting/engaged in the killing of children in the womb. That's 84% of their revenue going to one salary. Can you imagine a pro-life group using 84% of their income to pay someone that much money? No, I can't either.

Previous to 2020, their only government funding was for two summer job program grants ($4,854 in 2021 and $4,654 in 2020). (Why did an inactive company even need those two interns? But I digress.)

Well that's all changed now. NAF Canada just received $1,469,150 in government funding in March 2022. Because clearly Canada needed more pro-abortion advocacy groups. 

It will be sad to see how the baby killing industry continues to expand in Canada under Canada's most pro-abortion prime minister we've ever had. 

Oh, and let's watch and see how many more high paying pro-abortions will be added to the ranks of NAF Canada.

Stay tuned. I'm watching you NAF Canada.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Justin Trudeau and the truckers

From the Documentary: Trucking for Freedom (Part 1)

"For thirty-three days, the world watched. Crossing ten provinces and three territories; thousands of trucks traversed the highways and by-ways of Canada’s northern climes in this exclusive documentary offering an immersive look into an extraordinary moment in Canadian history. The Chronicle Brothers imbedded themselves within the Canadian Trucker Convoy capturing the unifying pulse of everyday people.

The directors blend interviews and live footage, journaling unbiased truths intrinsically viewed through a camera lens. They expose the raw emotion and purpose of those who felt compelled to embark on a journey fraught with both joy and sorrow.

The film lays bare a deep and broadening divide within a country known for unity and trust, and how two years of lockdowns illuminated the disparity in the working class and the political landscape. It gives a raw and unpolished visual of diverse Canadians holding a gutted Canadian Charter up to a spotlight and hoping to be heard."

I have puzzled for a long time now about the motives of our Prime Minister for the things he says and does. This never puzzled me as much as the recent trucker convoy to Ottawa did.

Justin Trudeau treated the truckers and what they stood for--freedom--with total disdain. He refused to meet with them or even to listen to them. He called them "anti-vaxxer mobs" launching "racist, misogynistic attacks."

The only other group Trudeau has treated with such contempt is pro-life Canadians.

So why did Trudeau show such dislike for the truckers? I think I figured it out. He was very angry with them that was clear from the start. But I think in the final analysis, Justin Trudeau was jealous of them. He was jealous that they rallied an entire country around them. Something Justin Trudeau doesn't know how to do.

I wasn't in Ottawa for the time the truckers were here, but I happened to see the beginning of the convoy when we traveled the Ottawa Queensway from Kanata to downtown Ottawa on Jan 29. The right hand lane was filled with trucks. I expected the 18 wheelers, but was totally unprepared for the smaller trucks of all descriptions, and many many cars, all united by a common cause. There were so many Canadian flags, miles of them. I saw people at every overpass cheering them on. I had never seen such an outpouring of love for anything in my life before this. I could tell people were happy. They were excited. They stood behind something important: our freedom. I knew something electric was taking place. 

Over the 33 days of the protest, I spoke to people who were downtown to see for themselves what was happening there. They all remarked on the joy and love that was filling the bitter cold days so common in Ottawa. I saw reams and reams of footage of what was taking place. I saw people of different ethnic groups, of different ages, from the west and from the east. I saw Quebec flags and Canadian flags; Albertans and Francophones united together.

Justin Trudeau is divisive. He only supports those with whom he agrees. He spreads disinformation about those he doesn't like or doesn't agree with. We pro-life Canadians are only too familiar with his tactics. And now the truckers have felt it as well.

The truckers did what Justin Trudeau could not. They united a country. And for this they paid a heavy price.

Watch part one of the documentary. It is great.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Patrick Brown shows his true colours

 From his book where he advises Doug Ford on social conservatives:

Thanks To Leslyn Lewis for this quote.

Monday, May 9, 2022

It isn't crisis pregnancy centres who spread misinformation, it's the pro-aborts

Dear Justin Trudeau,

I do not understand why you have a problem with pregnancy care centres. From this letter you wrote to the Minister of finance, you instruct the minister to do this:

"Introduce amendments to the Income Tax Act to make anti-abortion organizations that provide dishonest counselling to pregnant women about their rights and options ineligible for charitable status".

"Dishonest counseling"? Have you ever been to a pregnancy care centre, and spoken to the people who work there? Or to the people they serve? I don't think you have. If you had, you would know that these allegations are totally untrue. So why are you saying this, and targeting their charitable status?

If you do actually want to know the truth about these centres, may I suggest you watch this 20 minute interview with the Executive director of CAPSS. CAPSS has 82 affiliates who provide this amazing care and support to women. 

What I do know for sure is this. There are people out there who really really hate pregnancy care centres. And they have been going after pregnancy care centres for many years now, spreading many falsehoods about them. I really hope you haven't been listening to them, because if you have been, you are being led astray.

Thank you.

Patricia Maloney

Thursday, May 5, 2022

ATIP reveals no records to support revoking charitable status of CPCs

Remember this letter from Justin Trudeau to the Finance Department?

"Introduce amendments to the Income Tax Act to make anti-abortion organizations that provide dishonest counselling to pregnant women about their rights and options ineligible for charitable status"

We know of course that crisis pregnancy centres do not provide "dishonest counselling" to women. We also know who else spreads fallacies about CPC's. Pro-abortions Joyce Arthur and Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights loathe crisis pregnancy centres. 

Three peas in a pod.

Arthur wrote two "reports" on her disdain for these centres, "reports" that news outlets like Global news "report" on. Global even posted Arthur's 2016 report on their website. The only problem is that Arthur's 2016 report is full of inaccurate, misleading and mythical information. So is her 2009 report, and both reports were refuted here and here.

I couldn't find any mention on Global's site about these rebuttals to Arthur's fake news "reports". So much for balanced news reporting.

Action Canada receives millions of dollars from Justin Trudeau's pro-abortion government. And Crisis Pregnancy Centres receive zero, zilch, nada from our pro-abortion government. Arthur even received $27,400 to write her hateful 2009 report.

Arthur and Action Canada are doing everything they can to get these groups to lose their charitable status. And Justin Trudeau tags along for the ride.

So what evidence does the department of Finance have to support this proposed revocation of the charitable status of CPC's? I did an ATIP, and guess what? They have no evidence whatsoever.

 Zero, zilch, nada.

This is what I received back from the department of Finance:

"In accordance with section 10(1)(a) of the Act, I must inform you that, after a thorough search, no records exist in the Department of Finance Canada concerning this request."

Not a surprise of course, because everything Joyce Arthur has ever written about CPC's is not true. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

The UK Spectator: MAID is all about the money

Dear Canadian Media, I have just one question for you. Do you care?

From a UK Spectator op-ed entitled Why is Canada euthanising the poor?

When the UK sits up and takes notice of Canada's legal killing regime, maybe it's time for our own government subsidized media to do likewise.

"A man with a neurodegenerative disease testified to Parliament that nurses and a medical ethicist at a hospital tried to coerce him into killing himself by threatening to bankrupt him with extra costs or by kicking him out of the hospital, and by withholding water from him for 20 days. Virtually every disability rights group in the country opposed the new law. To no effect: for once, the government found it convenient to ignore these otherwise impeccably progressive groups.

Since then, things have only gotten worse. A woman in Ontario was forced into euthanasia because her housing benefits did not allow her to get better housing which didn’t aggravate her crippling allergies. Another disabled woman applied to die because she ‘simply cannot afford to keep on living’. Another sought euthanasia because Covid-related debt left her unable to pay for the treatment which kept her chronic pain bearable – under the present government, disabled Canadians got $600 in additional financial assistance during Covid; university students got $5,000.

When the family of a 35-year-old disabled man who resorted to euthanasia arrived at the care home where he lived, they encountered ‘urine on the floor… spots where there was feces on the floor… spots where your feet were just sticking. Like, if you stood at his bedside and when you went to walk away, your foot was literally stuck.’ According to the Canadian government, the assisted suicide law is about ‘prioritis[ing] the individual autonomy of Canadians’; one may wonder how much autonomy a disabled man lying in his own filth had in weighing death over life.

Despite the Canadian government’s insistence that assisted suicide is all about individual autonomy, it has also kept an eye on its fiscal advantages. Even before Bill C-7 entered into force, the country’s Parliamentary Budget Officer published a report about the cost savings it would create: whereas the old MAID regime saved $86.9 million per year – a ‘net cost reduction’, in the sterile words of the report – Bill C-7 would create additional net savings of $62 million per year. Healthcare, particular for those suffering from chronic conditions, is expensive; but assisted suicide only costs the taxpayer $2,327 per ‘case’. And, of course, those who have to rely wholly on government-provided Medicare pose a far greater burden on the exchequer than those who have savings or private insurance.

And yet Canada’s lavishly subsidised media, with some honourable exceptions, has expressed remarkably little curiosity about the open social murder of citizens in one of the world’s wealthiest countries. Perhaps, like many doctors, journalists are afraid of being accused of being ‘unprogressive’ for questioning the new culture of death, a fatal accusation in polite circles. Canada’s public broadcaster [that would be our infamous CBC], which in 2020 reassured Canadians that there was ‘no link between poverty, choosing medically assisted death’, has had little to say about any of the subsequent developments.

Next year, the floodgates will open even further when those suffering from mental illness – another disproportionately poor group – become eligible for assisted suicide, although enthusiastic doctors and nurses have already pre-empted the law. There is already talk of allowing ‘mature minors’ access to euthanasia too – just think of the lifetime savings. But remember, slippery slopes are always a fallacy." (emphasis added)

Monday, May 2, 2022

Does anyone believe Patrick Brown?

Dear Patrick Brown,

Do you remember when you told people you were pro-life, then threw us under the bus, because you weren't really pro-life? We remember that very well.

And do you remember when you told people you were against the sex-ed curriculum, but you weren't? We remember that too.

And now you want us to believe that you support free speech rights? 

Sorry Patrick, but you've cooked your goose just once too often. I'd say that goose is pretty darned burnt right now. I'm also pretty certain not a single social conservative will vote for you this time. Maybe we were stupid then, but we aren't that stupid anymore.


Patricia Maloney

On Wed, Apr 27, 2022 at 2:08 PM Mayor Patrick Brown <> wrote:


I will always fight to protect the free speech of Canadians.

Even when I disagree with them.

Take what happened to my colleague, Pierre Poilievre, for example.

When Pierre brought his campaign to a brewery in Toronto, the company was forced to take the extraordinary step of issuing a public statement saying they don’t support his political views.

Then, another brewery also distanced themselves from Pierre after he referenced their product in a video.

Many in the media – and even Conservatives – said these incidents prove Pierre is unelectable and cannot win a general election.

To me, that’s not the point.

I disagree with Pierre about lots of things, like his support for banning religious symbols, imposing a snitch line for cultural communities, and Quebec’s Bill 21.

But let me be 100% clear. I will always defend Pierre’s right to free speech – even when I disagree with him.

I’ll fight for his rights, just like I’ll fight for yours, and the rights of every Canadian with the courage to speak out about the things they believe in.

Will you stand up for free speech with me?

If your answer is yes, tap the button here to let me know right now.

Fighting for you,
Mayor Brown