Thursday, March 25, 2021

Pro-abortion advocate attacks pro-life MPP

UPDATE: Fr. Hugh Barbour gives a very insightful analysis in this Podcast from Catholic Answers as it relates to pro-creation and evil. 30 minutes. Rather pertinent to the "reproductive rights" idealogy.

Joyce Arthur's latest attacks towards pro-life people. And Christians. This time she attacks Sam Oosterhoff.

JA: Sam Oosterhoff should be expelled from Ontario Premier Doug Ford's caucus because he opposes key human rights.

Joyce Arthur opposes key human rights for pre-porn children.

JA: You may have heard about his most recent media scandal -- speaking at an anti-choice event even though one of the organizing groups had compared abortion to the Holocaust.

Canada has 100,000 abortions a year. Some believe this to be a holocaust. Joyce Arthur may want to dictate the beliefs of Canadians. But she can't. No matter how much she wants to.

JA: This is not an isolated occurrence. Oosterhoff has a long record as a far-right fundamentalist Christian who opposes Charter rights for women and gender minorities.

Joyce Arthur engages in hate speech against Christians and in personal attacks against Sam Oosterhoff.

JA: How did he get elected in the first place, and why is he still there? 

His constituents voted him in. It's called democracy.

JA: In December, he shared a Toronto stage with Premier Doug Ford and religious extremist Charles McVety, who is virulently anti-gay and has attacked same-sex marriage as part of the "militant homosexual agenda."

More hate speech from Joyce Arthur against Christians.

JA: He was in an October photo-op with all-male members of Ontario Craft Brewers (OCB), which caused public controversy because it raised the question: why was the OCB consorting with an extremist anti-choice homophobe? 

More hate speech and more personal attacks from Joyce Arthur.

JA: So there's been no apology, and no dismissal of Oosterhoff from his privileged parliamentary position or from caucus. This confirms that Ford and his Progressive Conservative party are happy to coddle MPPs who oppose the human rights of women and gender minorities. 

One does not apologize for their stand against abortion. Abortion is evil.

JA: open misogyny is perfectly acceptable. Oosterhoff can be out, loud, and proud when it comes to declaring that women must be subservient to fetuses.

Personal attacks and hate speech. And other nonsense. Courtesy Joyce Arthur.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

CIHI missing 18,278 Ontario abortions in 2019 statistics

CIHI has reported abortion numbers for 2019

Back in December I posted a comparison chart of CIHI's numbers compared to FOI's I did for each province.

CIHI reported 27,911 for Ontario for 2019. The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) reported 46,189. that means that CIHI is not reporting a whopping 18,278 Ontario abortions.

CIHI believes they are accounting for the difference. Unfortunately they are not. From CIHI's notes:

"The methodology to estimate induced abortion volumes for Ontario is consistent with the enhanced methodology that was introduced in the 2015 report (emphasis added)Total volumes were derived by using the total abortion volumes reported to the National Physician Database (NPDB) at CIHI and adding both hospital-based abortions for non-Ontario residents and hospital-based medical-method-only abortions for Ontario residents (as reported to the Discharge Abstract Database and the National Ambulatory Care Reporting System). For Ontario, volumes reported in the column Number of induced abortions reported by clinics include services from non-hospital settings. Volumes for non-hospital settings (clinics/surgical facilities/physician offices) were estimated using the total abortion volumes as described above and subtracting hospital-based abortions. This methodology results in induced abortions occurring in physician offices and in clinics being included in non-hospital settings volumes. This estimation approach for non-hospital volumes was required because information on the location where the service is rendered (e.g., clinic, hospital, physician’s office) may not be included in the NPDB data." 

CIHI does not report medical abortions. They only report these abortions: S752 - induced - by any surgical technique up to and including 14 weeks gestation, S785 - induced - by any surgical technique after 14 weeks of gestation. 

How many of these 18,278 missing abortions are medical abortions? We do not know.

MOHLTC does report medical abortions. As well as all these types:


Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Stop telling us what we can believe

Dear Chris Selley,

I really must take issue with your recent column in the National Post on abortion. 

You say:

“It probably doesn’t need explaining how fantastically stupid abortion-to-Holocaust analogies are — the two things are overwhelmingly more dissimilar than they are similar — but I suppose it couldn’t hurt. The Canadian Institute for Health Information reports 83,576 women underwent an abortion procedure in 2019. They made that choice for a wide variety of reasons, some of which would attract more sympathy in the court of public opinion than others.”

To begin with CIHI grossly under reports the numbers of abortions done in Canada every year. If you had delved a bit deeper into the subject you would have learned this yourself. See here and here. (This is due to a complicated bunch of reasons but I would be happy to send you all of my research on abortion numbers in Canada if you care to learn the facts.)

This means that since 1988 there have been at least 100,000 abortions every year, which would mean at least 3,300,000 abortions since that year, never mind the ones done before that. Some find this comparison to a holocaust offensive. In fact you call it "fantastically stupid".

So what is the definition of holocaust? According to Merriam-Webster:

a: usually the Holocaust: the mass slaughter of European civilians and especially Jews by the Nazis during World War II
b: a mass slaughter of people, especially GENOCIDE (emphasis added)
So you see there are many Canadians (Group A) who believe that abortion is a morally horrific act. They believe that taking the lives of defenseless human beings on such a massive scale scale, each and every year, is in fact a holocaust. On the other hand, there are many Canadians (Group B) who believe that abortion is an acceptable solution to an unwanted pregnancy. You seem to belong to Group B. While I don't agree with you, I wouldn't call your viewpoint "fantastically stupid".

Next you say:

“The vast majority of people who might retweet or nod in agreement with that NCLN tweet clearly do not, in fact, believe it. If you actually think a Holocaust is ongoing in your country’s clinics and hospitals, you don’t cheerfully promote online events featuring “pro-life badasses.” You don’t say things like “there’s a lot of joy in the air,” as a spokesperson for the anti-abortion Campaign Life Coalition effused of 2018’s March for Life in Ottawa. You’re beside yourself. You’re pulling your hair out, chaining yourself to things, frantically trying to keep people out of abortion clinics. Maybe you’re even blowing stuff up.”

"Joy" and "cheerfully"? Since you are not pro-life and have no idea what it is like to be pro-life and be discriminated against and marginalized by every Tom, Dick and Chris, we must try to, you know, keep each other's spirits up in such a difficult and thankless task it is, to advocate against abortion. As for "chaining ourselves to things trying to keep people out of abortion clinics"-- have you heard of abortion bubble zone laws where pro-life people have no freedom of expression rights, and at the March's for Life where handfuls of screaming antifa people are allowed to block thousands of us on our approved routes, and the police do nothing to stop them? See:

And as for "blowing stuff up"? Did you really haul out that tired old mantra?

Finally, and most importantly, why is it that people from (Group B) always want to dictate what people from (Group A), are allowed to believe, allowed to say, and how they are allowed to act?

Monday, March 15, 2021

My views are not pathetic, outdated, or offensive

TO: Lucille Collard, MPP in Ottawa—Vanier

Dear Ms. Collard,

I am your constituent. I am a woman. I am against abortion. I support that Sam Oosterhoff is also against abortion. I see that you don't support him, when you re-tweeted this statement from Emilie Leneveu:

Emilie Leneveu, Ontario Liberal Party candidate for Bay of Quinte, issued the following statement:
“Last week, on International Women’s Day, Doug Ford spoke about his ‘commitment’ to gender equality. One week later, when one of his MPP’s is proudly leading an attack on women’s reproductive rights, he is silent. In a time and age like this – the Premier of Ontario is legitimizing attacks on the reproductive rights of women by allowing one of his own male-caucus members to continue these anti-women attacks.
Equality requires more than words it requires action. It needs leaders to take action and speak up. Instead, Ford’s silence just empowers and enables this outdated and offensive behaviour. 
I hope that young women in this province use this as motivation to get involved and speak up – whether that’s through joining a political party, an advocacy group, or talking to your own social groups, it’s critical that we use our voice and tell Doug Ford and Sam Oosterhoff that their pathetic views are unacceptable for Ontario in 2021.”

Mr. Oosterhoff's comments are not "anti-woman attacks". They are not "pathetic". His behaviour is not "outdated and offensive". They are brave comments/behaviours. More men should have the courage to speak out like he does in support of pre-born Canadians. Not only does Mr. Oosterhoff stand up for the rights of these children, he also won't let the feminist bullies tell him what comments/beliefs he is allowed to have. And even though he is not "dictating any of your choices", I thank God he is against choices that are grossly immoral and intentionally kill a child in the womb.

And please let's dispense with the "reproductive rights" nonsense. There is no such thing. What we do have is the "wholesale slaughter of children" masquerading as "reproductive rights".

I wish we had a whole lot more people like Mr. Oosterhoff at Queen's Park. How wonderful that would be.


Patricia Maloney