Monday, February 28, 2022

Pierre Trudeau to Justin: we can be in total disagreement with someone, without denigrating them as a consequence

Justin Trudeau's eulogy of his father. This was his acting debut. When he first realized he could fake sincerity. Also notice Fidel Castro sitting behind his mother. I also notice there were a lot of Catholic clergy present at the pro-abortion Trudeau's funeral. (I couldn't find out who they were.)

Pierre Trudeau said this to Justin Trudeau when he was eight. (This bit starts at 6:20 minutes):

"Justin we do not attack the individual, we can be in total disagreement with someone, without denigrating them as a consequence...and he brought me over to introduce me to this man...and understanding that having opinions different from those of another, does not preclude giving respect of an individual because simple tolerance, mere tolerance is not enough, we need genuine and deep respect of each and every human being, not withstanding their thoughts their values, their beliefs...that's what my father demanded of his sons, and that is what he demanded of his country".

Seems Justin never took his father's advice. Think tolerance. Of Truckers. Of Pro-life people. Of people you don't agree with.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

To Justin Trudeau et al. - Letter from a grandmother

To: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, The Ottawa Police, Ottawa Mayor, CTV Ottawa, CBC Ottawa, Global News Ottawa

From: Maureen Ward

February 24, 2022 

To whom it may concern,  

I am not sure who to address my outrage to in this matter because the people who should be concerned are the guilty parties.  

The horrific scenes in this video; the disgusting acts of violence against numerous peaceful protestors including an 80-year-old woman as well as Andrew Lawton, of True North and Alexandra Lavoie, of the Rebel disgusted me to my very soul and not a word of concern do I hear from our Prime Minister, the Mayor of Ottawa our mainstream media, CBC, and CTV, Global TV etc. Nothing! 

I transcribed the portion of the video that depicts some of the disgusting and violent actions of the Ottawa Police on the weekend. It begins around 10 minutes into the video, and I ask that you watch and listen to the entire video. Please take the time to watch it to the end to see the absolute hypocrisy of the legacy media spinning the events to suit their own untruthful agenda. It is absolutely hateful to demonize once again the protestors and ignore the truth and spin everything to suit an agenda. I can't even think of a word to describe such a web of lies surrounding the Freedom Convoy since the beginning including the demonizing of everyone involved with the protest along with their supporters. You know what I mean,

And I thank Candice Malcolm from True North for her truthful and honest presentation. What a breath of fresh air.

Maureen Ward, Ottawa Ontario 

Transcript of a small portion of the video beginning  at around 10 minutes into the video Unreal use of propaganda in Canada from True North.

What is happening in Canada? Great question. What is happening in Canada? Well, what is happening in Canada? It's a Great question. Well, over the weekend, what did we see? We saw a militarized police zone using undue force using over-the-top force and completely disproportionate force against a group of unarmed and peaceful protesters just by virtue of them being in Ottawa meant that they were the target of the police and the Trudeau government efforts.

And unsurprisingly, It devolved into a very chaotic, very dangerous situation, so I'll show you some of the low lights from the weekend of police brutality. And let me just make this point. If this was happening at any other circumstance in recent history. If this is happening at any other point in the last two years against any other group, if this was not a group of working-class truckers, of people who said we've had enough of this government overreach of this medical tyranny that we've been living under. If it was any other group and you saw images like this of the police, the left would be on the complete other side. There would be over the top calls for these cops to be fired, to be reprimanded, defund the police, any small act of police using force, not even disproportionate force, just police using force in their job over the past two years has been completely blown out of proportion as an instance of police brutality and why we ought to defund the police, OK? I see people who spent the last two years yelling about that issue are now either completely silent or they're cheering on the police brutality because they are cracking down on a group of conservative adjacent or conservative align protesters. People who come from a working-class background. It is so stark. It is so hypocritical. It is unbelievable.  

Regardless, here are a couple instances of what it looked like. So first we have a veteran who is manhandled by police officers: knee him several times in the kidney. Here's what that looked like.  

Next, we have a protester who is hauled away by cops. Watch for the end of the clip because a police officer takes his rifle, takes his gun, and uses it to beat a protester with the stock of his gun and you can see him do two solid blows there with a stock of his gun. This is police brutality. This is totally unacceptable. Here is what that looked like.  

Next, here is a police officer rushing a protestor and hitting him once he's already on the ground.  ( you can hear people crying for the police to stop)

And so, as the police were using increasingly violent tactics in order to crack down on these peaceful protesters, they at some point decided to bring in horses for what? To do some kind of crowd control? I don't even understand. This is right outside the Chateau Laurier hotel and upscale hotel, right in the heart of Parliament, right in the center of Ottawa. They bring out the police and as you can see in the kerfuffle in the excitement of police going through a crowd trampled 2 individuals and knocked them over, stepped on one of the women, including an 80 year old First Nations woman.. This is tough to watch, but here is what this looks like.  Just in case you want to see how bad it was Here Is the aerial view and still you can see the horses trampling on two individuals who just failed to get out of the way, you could see from the footage there that it wasn't like people knew that these horses were coming. They kind of came out of nowhere. They whipped around the corner. These two individuals clearly didn't see what was going on. The woman who was knocked over, the 80 year old woman was on a mobility scooter and from the aerial picture you can see the scooter on the ground. So its not like this is an agile woman who could easily get out of the way. She obviously had no idea this was coming, and I don't know what was worse the fact that this was the way the police were behaving and acting or the fact that there were a lot of people cheering them on cheering this kind of thing on and that the media didn't really bat an eye, didn't really bat an eye over the use if anything they were out there saying, oh, this isn't trampling. These people weren't trampled.  

And we had something new that I'd never seen before. The Ottawa police were tweeting in real-time pushing out their own propaganda, their own version of events. So they weren't really taking questions. They weren't really responding.  

Journalists at one point I was on the phone trying to confirm whether or not anyone had been killed in the protests. No response, no replies. I left messages. I called multiple lines. I emailed. I sent the messages on Twitter. No response. Whatsoever, the only response you get from the Ottawa police the're tweeting their own timeline of events in their own perspective, twisting and spinning the facts to fit their narrative of what was going on.  

So here is an example of that, Ottawa police wrote. We hear your concern for people on the ground after the horses dispersed the crowd, anyone who fell got up and walked away. We're unaware of any injuries. A bicycle was thrown at a horse further down the line and caused the horse to trip. The horse was uninjured. OK, so a lot of people on Twitter were really upset about this because the idea that everyone who was hurt got up and walked away. Well, it just simply isn't true. Here is a woman who was trampled. Her name is Candy, and she wrote this.   I dare to correct the "no injury" statement of the Ottawa Police.  I was nearly killed. Again, 80 year Old First Nations woman. Usually, this would be the kind of woman that the left would hold up as a victim of police brutality and they would be on her side and they would be there demanding the resignation of the officers of whoever ordered that, the police chief or the local politicians, but instead, because of the backdrop of this freedom convoy. Nothing. Nothing. No. No, you don't hear anything from the left in support of this woman.  

It is absolutely wild and his whole nonsense about a bicycle being thrown at the horse again. I tried to verify that I looked at a lot of footage over the weekend. A lot of people were saying that the bicycle was actually the mobility scooter. So we go back to that aerial photo. You can see how the horse knocked over the woman with the mobility scooter. And that is lying on the ground. So people were like, is that where you're talking about throwing a bicycle is actually just a mobility scooter. Someone did send me footage of a man with a bicycle. But In no way did he throw this at the police. He used a bicycle to pull himself back, if anything, to stop the police from beating him. He kind of had the bike in front of him. And then you could see him leave. So this whole idea that he threw at a horse and was causing the horse to trip. Is is just completely, completely untrue.  

OK, there is more. so, here is the police hauling away a protester and kneeing him once he's on the ground so here, that's what that looked like.  

And so it wasn't just this kind of force in kneeing people and hitting people with guns that we saw. We also saw the police start using pepper spray or some kind of a chemical irritant. And you can see it in this clip, the Ottawa police are just sort of wildly spraying this pepper spray, it's not targeted at any individual. It's not an individual in a crowd who is ruckus and who is causing chaos and you want to target that one individual. Presumably, that is what pepper spray is for. No, in this case, you're just sort of willy nilly just spraying the crowd, getting anybody who's there sort of punishing them for being there. Here's what that looked like.  

So caught up in all of this chaos was our own Andrew Lawton, journalist Andrew Lawton was on the ground for True North throughout the entire weekend. He was doing live streams. He was reporting he was talking to people. He was trying to keep an eye on what was happening in the same way as many journalists. There was lots and lots of journalists from lots of outlets who were right there, sort of on the front lines or a few steps back from the front lines filming this whole thing, taking pictures, relaying the information to Canadians and to people all over the world because people all over the world were watching, so Andrew Lawton was in there he was doing that and for the crime of committing journalism, 

Andrew Lawton was pepper-sprayed in the face by a cop. It seemed to be targeted. It seemed to be aimed directly at him. So here is what Andrew looked like afterwards. Not a pleasant feeling to be sprayed in the face pretty much point-blank, or at least at close range with pepper spray.  

He got it really bad and because of that we, here at True North, I decided to retain a lawyer. So we hired a lawyer we're now working with a lawyer here at True North. We are suing the police for assault and for targeting a working journalist. Andrew was just there doing his job trying to cover this event, trying to relay the information to Canadians. So we want to send a message to the police and Justin Trudeau and his emergency order. You don't get to beat up on journalists in this country. This is Canada. You do not get to do that and we will see you in court.  

Unfortunately, Andrew Lawton was not the only journalist to be the victim of police brutality. 

Over the weekend. Alexa Lavoie over at the Rebel was beat up by a police officer. This is unbelievable footage. She was pushed, she was hit multiple times with the baton from a large male police officer on the line. She's sprayed with pepper spray and finally, she was shot in the leg at point-blank from a few feet away with some kind of a rubber bullet or a tear gas canister. This woman was brutalized and beat up by a cop, all caught on camera. Here is what that looked like and just to warn you, this is pretty gruesome. It is pretty hard to watch, but I think it's important to show you what was happening to a working journalist in our country over the weekend. Here's that clip.  

So with a journalist sprayed in the face with pepper spray, another one brutalized and hit with a baton multiple times, you would think that the mainstream media, the legacy media there would be some kind of solidarity with journalists in this country that you would hear from legacy media saying, hey, that kind of force against journalists is absolutely not acceptable in this country. So did we hear that? No, no, we didn't hear that. What did we hear instead? Well, that the journalists thought it was disgusting? No, it wasn't disgusting that Andrew Lawton was sprayed with pepper spray. It wasn't disgusting that Alexa Levar was beaten with a baton.  What was disgusting? Well, there was this clip that was circulating of a Quebec TV journalist who got pushed on air by a protester. Here's what that looked like.  Incredibly stupid stuff. OK. Whoever pushes whoever pushed a journalist on air is just completely stupid. There's no reason to do this. It is mean. It is stupid. It doesn't help anyone. If anything, all it does is galvanizes people. against you, it proves legacy media point correct that the protesters are just a violent group of thugs and that they're here to harass, intimidate the media and the legacy media did exactly what you would expect and milk every last ounce of that clip that that footage of one guy getting pushed, that is the big story for the journalist out of the news.  Forget about all the police brutality that I just showed you. Forget about a guy getting hit with a stock of a gun. Forget about a woman getting trampled by a horse. Forget about a young female journalist getting beat up with a police baton. They didn't cover any of that. They don't care about any of that. What do they care about? A push? The guy getting shoved on air. That is the main focus.

This is what happens when you have brains scrambled by misinformation.

Well, the propaganda continues, Please watch the video to the end.

Maureen Ward

Ottawa Ontario

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Because of Justin Trudeau Canada has lost its way

God bless Rex Murphy and Jordan Peterson. They are the two best Canadian leaders we never had. Their discussion below is a mind-blowingly accurate assessment of Canada's very sorry current state of affairs. 

And God bless the truckers too who stood up to Trudeau's tyranny.

Then there's NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. I've never understood how Justin Trudeau manages to stay in power. And now SIngh is an even a bigger mystery. The man is clearly Trudeau's lap-dog. So what is in it for Singh? Maybe some kind of narcissistic ego boost? 

Now Singh has confirmed that there really are two solitudes in Canada, and only one of them should have the emergency act used against them. And that would be the truckers:

"Indigenous land defenders, climate change activists, workers fighting for fairness. And any Canadian using their voice to peacefully demand justice – should never be subject to the Emergencies Act".

I thought today's Psalm for Mass was a much needed antidote to the Singh and Trudeau show.

Friday, February 18, 2022

Letter from a Canadian to her Prime Minister

Dear Justin Trudeau,

I know you will never read this email. Or respond to it. Because you ignore people like me who write to you. Maybe if we agreed with you, you might respond. I have no idea. You've ignored every single letter I have ever written to you.

I am really really tired of how you treat some Canadians. Those who you don't agree with.

I am a Canadian. I pay your salary. As do all the other Canadians you don't respect enough to respond to. Like the truckers. Like pro-life people. Maybe there are other Canadians you don't respect too. 

We are not second class citizens. We are real people. With families. With real problems. With rights. 

You say you support the rights of people. But from where I'm sitting, I don't see that. It looks like you do what you want. When you want. When it suits your purpose. 

You could have just talked to the truckers. They just wanted some face time with their prime minister. These are hard working Canadians. They are not violent. You are their prime minister too you know. You talked to the BLM people. You even "took a knee" with them. (I only kneel to God). Do you see the double standard here?

Mr. Trudeau, why don't you respect people you don't agree with? I really really do not understand this.

All that said, I do pray for you. I pray for you every day. I have hope that you can change. You can if you want to. It just takes a little effort. People change all the time.

Patricia Maloney
A Canadian

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Legacy media and their double standard

The legacy press made a big deal about one Nazi flag and one Confederate flag witnessed at the Trucker's convoy. This display was condemned by the truckers, as they should have. In fact I've noticed that the media literally cannot shut up about these flags.

Cycle back to the 2018 March for Life where, now Ottawa city councillor Lyra Evans, walked behind a hammer and sickle banner with other screaming counter protesters. But not a peep from mainstream media about this symbol of communist regimes, regimes that have murdered millions and millions of people.

It's no wonder the truckers don't trust Canada's biased Minstream media. Neither do I.

More on Communism and what it stands for.

Monday, February 7, 2022

Ontario sets Targets for numbers of abortions performed

UPDATE: March 23, 2022

There's is so much weasel talk from the Ontario Ministry of Health (see below), that all you really need to know is this about the targets set for Ontario's abortion clinics: 

"The estimated service volume [number of babies killed] amount that is listed in Schedule 1 of the agreement is determined based on discussions with the service provider and their anticipated capacity [how many babies they think they can kill] to deliver an estimated number of services [babies actually killed] for the time period under the agreement." 


I asked another question to Ontario Health:

"What is the point to the service volume in the IHF agreement if the doctor can perform more abortions than the volume and bill OHIP for them?"

Ontario Health's answer: 

"IHFs [Independent health facilities AKA abortion clinics] receive facility fees for ‘overhead ‘ or ‘facility’ costs, which are separate from physician professional fees. Budgets within IHF agreements are calculated to provide facility fees for the volume of services noted in the service plan. Under IHF funding agreements, which include a range of services, facilities do not receive additional funding beyond the budgeted amount, even if the facility’s volumes exceed their annual service plan."


My Original post Feb 7, 2022

I have it on good authority that there is an abortion clinic in Ontario that has a “target” (the word they used) for the number of abortions they perform every year. In fact this clinic performs over 2,200 abortions annually (for which they receive funding from OHIP).

So I submitted an FOI to the Ontario Ministry of Health and asked them about this. The information I received back included a generic copy of the funding agreement used by abortion clinics (Independent Health Facilities). See this document beginning on page 23. 

Abortion clinics really do have targets for the numbers of abortions they do.

In the first Funding Year, the Licensee will provide up to XXXX Funded Services.
In the second Funding Year, the Licensee will provide up to XXXX Funded Services.
In the third Funding Year, the Licensee will provide up to XXXX Funded Services."
I them asked the MOH a subsequent question on the variable XXXX:
"When I looked at Schedule 1, under Performance Requirements, I see this:
In the first Funding Year, the Licensee will provide up to XXXX Funded Services.
In the second Funding Year, the Licensee will provide up to XXXX Funded Services.
In the third Funding Year, the Licensee will provide up to XXXX Funded Services.

Can you please tell me how the variable XXXX is calculated for each of the three years? ie, is it the facility that comes up with this number, or the Ministry?"
MOH response:
"The ministry does not set specific targets or quotas for these services in Independent Health Facilities. The estimated service volume amount that is listed in Schedule 1 of the agreement is determined based on discussions with the service provider and their anticipated capacity to deliver an estimated number of services for the time period under the agreement. This is a typical funding approach used in ministry transfer payment agreements with providers for the delivery of a wide range of services where facility or other funding in support of the service also includes some estimation of the service volumes that may be delivered by that provider."
This appears to contradict my source, in that they say that it is the Ministry that sets the targets. Regardless, wouldn't it make more sense to try and reduce the number of abortions instead of identifying a "target" to be reached? How sad that Ontario Health talks about a clinic’s capacity for terminating the lives of little children.

Disgusting. Depressing. Evil.