Sunday, November 28, 2021

Justin Trudeau doles out $37 Million to Marie Stopes abortion provider

In 2021 alone, the Trudeau government gave grants to Marie Stopes abortion provider in excess of $37 Million. 

He wants to take away charitable status for pro-life organizations in Canada, but he freely gives out millions of our tax dollars to groups who support/provide/promote abortion in other countries.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Justin Trudeau what is your evidence that pro-life groups "actively work to spread misinformation about abortion"?

(Letter sent to Justin Trudeau from Maureen Ward. See here.)

Dear Mr. Trudeau,

If you really are pro-choice and not pro-abortion then you wouldn’t be at war with charitable pro-life groups who quite often are the only places that provide real substantial help to pregnant women in crisis. In many cases these women and their children have been abandoned by their friends and their family. Crisis pregnancy centres help these women in crisis.

If you were truly pro-choice, you would support crisis pregnancy centres (CPCs).

As you are well aware, CPCs receive no funding from the government. Yet "pro-choice" groups receive millions and millions of taxpayers' money. As an example Mr. Trudeau, you provided groups like Planned Parenthood Toronto, with 3.4 million dollars in Government funds in 2020 alone. In fact, as of 2019 over a billion dollars has been provided to groups that promote abortion and abortion counseling across Canada. Please see here for those details.

Mr. Trudeau, to add insult to injury, you plan to take away the Charitable Status from these groups that offer love and support, life-affirming counseling, prayer, and much more. 

And on top of everything else, you are now saying to Canadians that these groups are spreading misinformation and are hurtful to women. Mr. Trudeau, can you please provide me with your evidence for these very serious allegations of which you speak? 

Perhaps you should visit one of these Centres, such as the Miriam Centre ( or Birthright (, right here in Ottawa and see firsthand the good work they do. These centres are 100% funded by donors.

These Charities that you want to strip of Charitable Status provide love, hope, emotional support, a shoulder to cry on and prayer, not to mention diapers, formula, baby supplies, food and shelter, and much more. Isn’t that the true meaning of charity? 

Please Mr. Trudeau for the sake of the women and children and all Canadians do not do this.  


Maureen Ward

Monday, November 22, 2021

Abortions in Manitoba show disturbing rise in medical abortions

Manitoba's abortion rates are going up. I received recent numbers thanks to Kyle Coffey from CCBR based on an FOI he did. The 2018/2019 numbers he received are even higher than what I reported on last year, particularly for medical abortions.

For 2019/2020, in Manitoba we see even more medical abortions (including numbers for previous years which have been adjusted upwards) - they are quickly catching up to the numbers of surgical abortion numbers.

This also means that CIHI's data which doesn't report on medical abortions, will also be underreported even more than they have been.

Very troubling indeed.

CCBR's latest numbers:

My previous numbers:

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Justin Trudeau's crusade against pro-life groups continues

Justin Trudeau's decision to revoke the status of pro-life organizations, and in particular crisis pregnancy centres, is wrong headed and vindictive. Unlike organizations who promote abortion, pro-life groups receive no government funding whatsoever. For example, in 2020 Planned Parenthood Toronto received $3,461,811.00 in one year alone according to CRA. Many of these pro-choice groups also have charitable status; an added benefit. All together, these groups received more than a billion dollars in government funding as of 2019. (

All pro-life groups "get" is the ability to issue tax receipts. The difference in how these two groups are treated is staggering. Since most pro-life groups, if not all of them, are Christian charities, clearly this is discrimination based on religious and conscience rights.

Regarding crisis pregnancy centres (CPCs) which have been specifically targeted by this Liberal hit job, the Abortion Rights Coalition ARCC has also taken aim for many years at these centres. Why? Because CPCs are pro-life.

Executive director of ARCC Joyce Arthur, has repeatedly engaged in a witch hunt against CPCs, spreading myths and misinformation about CPCs for many years now. ARCC wrote two reports, both of which have been debunked for numerous falsehoods against CPCs. The first report received a $27,400 federal government grant to write the report. 

The first report was also written by Joyce Arthur through her previous organization the Pro-Choice Action Network which is no longer active. Joyce Arthur received that $27,000 grant from the Status of Women. That grant was never publicly acknowledged by Arthur, even though acknowledgement was a condition of receiving the grant money. I discovered the grant through an ATIP

The two rebuttals against Arthur's attack reports:

The first rebuttal was written by the Executive director of CAPSS. The second rebuttal was written by me.

Trudeau's war against pro-life Canadians began with banning pro-life MPs from his party; continued with stopping the few breadcrumbs pro-life groups received from the Canada Summer Jobs program; and now he wants to prevent their donors from receiving tax receipts. Pro-life groups are 100% donor funded. Taking away their charitable status is wrong, mean and frankly, childish. In the interest of fairness and equity, this must stop.