Thursday, April 1, 2021

Statistics Canada VS CIHI late-term abortions

UPDATE: May 14, 2021

Melissa asked

"How come the CIHI doesn't report statistics for Quebec? If Ontario has 74 abortions resulting in live births, Quebec is bound to have a few as well."
CIHI's response:

"The official source of abortion data from Québec is provided to CIHI in the form of an annual file containing aggregated data. This file does not contain the information you are requesting. Available abortion-related data for Québec is published in our annual induced abortion tables here:" (we already know this)

I also asked them another questions:

"On your quick stats for the country, gestational age abortions are also excluded for Quebec. Why? And why do you not report gestational ages of abortions done at clinics?"

Here is CIHI's response:

"Clinic data is provided to CIHI on a voluntary basis, and does not include volume breakdowns by gestational age."


More gruesome numbers of late-term deaths (>=20 weeks gestation) of pre-born children.

CIHI's numbers for 2019-2020 stillbirth abortions, and livebirth abortions in Canada.

CIHI reports 999 deaths by abortion of children in the womb that resulted in stillbirths in 2019-2020.

CIHI reports 112 deaths by abortion of children in the womb that resulted in livebirths in 2019-2020.

Statistics Canada reports "Termination of pregnancy affecting fetus and newborn [Code P9.64]" 69 deaths. Notice that Statistics Canada uses the term "newborn". That is because of course, once a baby is born alive, it is considered a person.

Once again CIHI's numbers are different than Statistics Canada's. 

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