Wednesday, October 29, 2014

CPCs helping in Zambia

So today I finally got around to filing. I don't like filing. It's one of those jobs that has to get done or else I start getting panic attacks because I can't find anything.

I picked up the newsletter from the Christian Advocacy Society of Vancouver and read it again.

One of their program directors was telling us about the work she was doing in Lusaka Zambia. She was doing training to educate pastors and their wives on the sanctity of life.

Norma and her team provided us with examples of the work they were doing there. Just one example:
"How does one support a pregnancy centre in a developing city in Zambia? Start a chicken and pig farm to finance their staff and services. This enterprise was supported by the church which the majority of our Lusaka team attends."
I thought to myself, wow how great is that? Imagine going to Zambia and helping the people there, like this pregnancy centre does. And to think that Joyce Arthur did (and continues to do) her darnedest to make life miserable for crisis pregnancy centres like the one in Vancouver and the life saving work they do.

I wonder if Joyce Arthur has ever done any pig farming in Zambia.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mary Wagner - Defending life in Poland

Mary Wagner visits Poland to a hero's welcome.
"Mary Wagner’s message to Poland echoed the words of Saint John Paul II: “Do not be afraid of defending life, be not afraid of bringing the gospel of life in the streets.”  Thanks to Mary, there are now more people who will have the courage to continue the struggle."
Canada could learn something from the people of Poland and from Mary Wagner.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Justin Trudeau - Charter doesn't grant a right to abortion

Justin Trudeau tries to use his Father's views on abortion, to rationalize his own illogical views, on not allowing those who are against abortion, to becoming Liberal candidates:
"I had an extraordinary example in a father who had deeply, deeply held personal views that were informed by the fact that he went to church every Sunday, read the Bible regularly to us, and raised us very religiously, as Catholics. But at the same time my father had no problem legalizing divorce, decriminalizing homosexuality and moving in ways that recognized the basic rights of the people. He too held fast to his beliefs. But he also understood that as leaders, as political figures, and as representatives of a larger community, our utmost responsibility is to stand up for people’s rights. 
I share my father’s view of leadership in this regard..."
Yet Pierre Trudeau the senior said:
“You know, at some point you are killing life in the fetus in self-defence, of what, of the mother’s health, or her happiness, or of her social rights or her privilege as a human being? I think she should have to answer for it and explain. Now, whether it should be to three doctors, or one doctor, or to a priest or a bishop or to her mother-in-law is a question you might want to argue, you do have a right over your own body, it is your body. But the fetus is not your body; it’s someone else’s body, and if you kill it, you’ll have to explain,” 
Junior also never tires of saying that abortion is protected under the Charter:
"I would expect incoming MPs to vote in favour of a woman’s right to choose, which has historically found protection under Section 7 of the Charter."
But abortion is not protected under the Charter. Not now. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow.

If you would like to sign my letter to Justin Trudeau let me know at and I will add your name.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Open letter to Justin Trudeau - honouring conscience rights

Update December 10, 2015: There are now 417 names on my letter. And we still haven't heard back from Mr. Trudeau.

Update September 1, 2015: There are now 416 names on my letter. And we still haven't heard back from Mr. Trudeau.

Update August 9, 2015: There are now 397 names on my letter. And we still haven't heard back from Mr. Trudeau.

Update February 16, 2015: There are now 394 names on my letter. And we still haven't heard back from Mr. Trudeau.

Update January 27, 2015: There are now 392 names on my letter. And we still haven't heard back from Mr. Trudeau.

Update December 13: There are now 367 names on my letter. And we still haven't heard back from Mr. Trudeau.

Update December 14: There were a few duplicates from yesterday's post. There are now 364 names.

Update December 13: There are now 368 names on my letter. And we still haven't heard back from Mr. Trudeau.

Update December 8: There are now 334 names on my letter. And we still haven't heard back from Mr. Trudeau.

Update December 6: There are now 332 names on my letter. And we still haven't heard back from Mr. Trudeau.

Another comment:
"My concern is that the leader of the Liberal Party has made decisions without (seemingly) benefit of consultation. In my view, he is acting like an autocrat, and I find that very frightening. I cannot, in good faith, support the Liberal Party of Canada under these conditions."
Update December 3: There are now 330 names on my letter. And we still haven't heard back from Mr. Trudeau.

Update Nov 30: Another comment:
"The way some elected officials are thinking is beyond belief & if it continues like this, pretty soon we will have no rights."
There are now 322 names on my letter. And we still haven't heard back from Mr. Trudeau.

Update Nov 29: Another comment:
"In an effort to appear “progressive” in his ideas, he has actually displayed some ignorance, as well as a narrow minded perspective about rights and freedoms."
There are now 318 names on my letter. And we still haven't heard back from Mr. Trudeau.

Update Nov 28: Another comment:
"He [Trudeau] certainly does not have ears that hear, eyes that see, nor wisdom to ever be a Prime Minister of our great country Canada."
There are now 262 names on my letter. And we still haven't heard back from Mr. Trudeau.

Update Nov 27: There are now 252 names on my letter. And we still haven't heard back from Mr. Trudeau.

Update Nov 23: More comments from signers:
"She [Pat] makes an excellent case based on the very Charter of which Mr. Trudeau seems to have minimal and selective knowledge."
"on the day after Mr. Trudeau’s announcement , as well as sending off a note to him, I also wrote to the Liberal Party of Canada and  to my local riding president. Within a day of receiving my letter, I received a phone call from the riding president. We we able to have a lengthy and civilized discussion on the topic. I found his ears open … and although his direct impact on Mr. Trudeau is limited, I felt that my opinions had been heard and that they would be carried back to party discussions, at least at the local level.I am convinced that this is an important route for people who are in disagreement with Mr. Trudeau’s new policy - be in touch at the grassroots! If change is to occur, I think this is where it may begin - when members hear the hearts of their own constituents."

"Please add my name to the list defending the Charter of Rights as stated, and not Me. Trudeau's convenient interpretation. Thank you (paying member of the Liberal Party of Canada, rescinded until freedom to vote according to conscience is reinstated)"
There are now 237 names on my letter. And we still haven't heard back from Mr. Trudeau.

Update Nov 21: Another comment I received:
"Please add my name to Letter to Trudeau. He has definitely gone off the tracks."
There are now 232 names on my letter. And we still haven't heard back from Mr. Trudeau.

Update Nov 17: There are now 225 names on my letter. And we still haven't heard back from Mr. Trudeau.

Update Nov 17: Many people thanked me for writing this letter. Here is one such note I received:
"Thank you for initiating this. I am a "cradle Liberal" who was also a "card carrying Liberal" who is now re-evaluating her political views. While I find that I do not like what I hear from all parties, I will definitely not be in Justin's corner. He is not turning out to be our 'white knight' but quite the opposite. Please add my name to your letter."
Update Nov 16: There are now 219 names on my letter. And we still haven't heard back from Mr. Trudeau.

Update Nov 15: There are now 209 names on my letter. And we still haven't heard back from Mr. Trudeau.

Update Oct 16: Since I sent this letter to Justin Trudeau, I've received additional names which I've added to the bottom. I now have over 100 signatures. If you would still like to sign the letter please send me an email at and I will add your name to the letter. In a couple of weeks I will send Mr. Trudeau another letter with the updated names. The more Canadians who voice their displeasure with Mr. Trudeau's attack on democracy, the better.

Dear Mr. Trudeau,

We the undersigned, are very concerned about your recent edict to exclude pro-life people from being candidates for the Liberal Party. We are also concerned that you say you are doing this, because you are a strong believer in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

We must confess, we find it impossible to reconcile the two.

First, our Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees freedom of conscience (See section 2(a) freedom of conscience and religion). This is a fundamental right and the Charter is very clear in that it promises that all Canadians have this right. This would include all persons who wish to run for political parties. How can you in good conscience, exclude people because their consciences guide them differently, than yours does?

Second, when some honourable ex-Liberal MPs wrote you, you dismissed their concerns because you felt the writers were "old men". This dismissal is also against the Charter, since your comments are both ageist and sexist, and so discriminatory based on same.
("See section 15. (1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability).

Would you likewise discriminate against a young female's opinion? Or conversely, perhaps you are implying that you would only listen to a young female's opinion? In either case, this would still be discrimination based on age and gender.

If you do not agree with these men's arguments, I would love to hear what your counter arguments would be. Instead you chose to ignore their arguments, preferring to attack the speakers instead of the subject at hand. This is not helpful in furthering honest and intelligent discussions on any issue including abortion.

Finally, on many occasions you have stated that a woman's right to choose is guaranteed by the Charter. But this is not the case at all. The Supreme Court Justices in the 1988 Morgentaler decision never stated that a woman had a constitutional right to abortion. How can you believe then, that her right to abortion is guaranteed by the Charter? It isn't. Please see here for a detailed discussion what is in that decision, as well as what isn't.

We must admit we are very confused by your understanding of the Charter. On the one hand, you ignore what is clearly guaranteed in the Charter, and on the other hand, you invent something that is clearly not in the Charter and say that it is. With all due respect Mr. Trudeau, your sentiments are logically incoherent.

We respectfully request that you welcome all persons into the Liberal Party regardless of their beliefs about abortion and that you respect their right to vote in accordance with their conscience.

We believe all persons deserve the same respect regardless of conscience beliefs, of gender, or of age.

Let the people decide if they wish to vote for these differing viewpoints. That is why we hold elections. It really isn't for the leader to decide this. We believe this is what democracy is all about.

We respectfully request that you respond to this letter, and we look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Patricia Maloney
Adele Constantineau
Aileen Simpson
Alana Pelc
Aldo Dolcetti
Alice Fougère
Alida van der Vegt
Amber Friesen
Amelia Andal
Ana Stopa
Anastasia Bowles
Andre Pare
Andrea Mrozek
Angus Kelly
Angus MacDonald
Ankeje Snell
Ann Sullivan
Anna-Marie Kean
Anne Bonnah
Anne Egan
Anne Essiambre
Anne Marie Powell
Anne Stewart
Anne Waggoner
Annette Besner
Annette Downey
Arnold Bossa
Audrey Beard
Barbara Norris
Barry Dunn
Bea Suelirin
Beatrice Kyolaba
Bena Toscano
Bernadette McCormick
Bernie Langill
Betty Barrett
Bev deMontigny
Bibiane O'Gorman
Bill Vanderlinde
Bob Du Broy
Bob Riley
Bob Rudy
Bonnie Pember
Brett Bottyan
Brian Smith
Bridget Van Osch
Camille Bozozuk
Carl Hickey
Carls Aury
Carm Scine
Carmen D'Souza
Carol Cheslock
Carol Gaboury
Carol Gervais
Carol Gray
Carol Roch
Carol Talgoy
Carole Atkinson
Carrie Peters
Cathie Mary Butler
Cecilia Bowles
Céline d'Etcheverry
Chantel Drew Ward
Charlene Charron
Charles Fortin
Charles Saso
Charles Vince
Chris Belford
Chris Ward
Christian Lange
Clarissa Canaria
Claude A. Brule
Claude Leduc
Cliff Pyle
Cliff Snell
Colette Stang
Conny Barel
Corinne Ware
Craig Read
Curtis Ogilvie
Cynthia Bredfeldt
Cynthia Connolly
Cyril Winter
Daniel Hunter
Daniel Surprenant
Darlene Irvine
Daryl Sheppard
David Darwin
Deacon Rick Gervais
Deacon Wayne S. Lee
Debbie Duval
Debbie Ward
Deborah Egan
Delores Doherty
Denis Bergeron
Denise Davis
Diane Irvine
Diane Naipaul
Diane Stump
Dolly Moyse
Don Powell
Donald Andre Bruneau
Donna Barry
Donna J., Anderson
Donna Verner
Dr. E. Letourneau MD
Dr. Joseph Clarke MD
Dr. Robert Walley
Dt Bruneau
Edward Olszewski
Eileen Meunier
Eileen Steil
Elaine Black
Elaine Cavalier
Eliette Campau
Elizabeth (Betty) Donnelly
Elizabeth Doucette
Ellen Chesal
Elva Roley
Erie Eizenga
Ernestine Fronc
Ester da Silva
Eugene Leenders
Eva McGuire
Fabien Bergeron
Fr Joseph Kane, OMI
Fr. Autur Ockwood, MSF
Fr. Daniel Berniquez
Fr. Dennis Hayes CC
Fr. Hezuk Shroff
Fr. Kenneth Lao C.C.
Fr. Michael Weitl
Fr. Yves Marchildon CC
Francilia Poirier
Francis J. Barrett
François Savard
Frank Egan
Frank LeVay
Frederick Tremblay
Gail Goshko
Gar Knutson
Gary D. Knight PhD
Gary O'Meara
Gemma O’Sullivan
Gene Makish
Genevieve Moncrieff
George Olliver
Gerard Beltran
Germaine Gaudet
Gillian Keenan
Gisele C. Pitre
Gloria Pearson-Vasey
Glovana Clarke
Gordon Duncan
Gordon Verner
Grace G. Brule
Greg Doyle
Guy Dacquay
Hani Zakhia
Harriet McEachen
Harry Norris
Helena Szakowski
Hildegard Krieg
Immaculte Nalukago
Ineesha Ym
Jackie Vince
Jacqueline Sullivan
Jacques Campeau
Jakki Jeffs
James Pierce
James Snell
Jane Langabeer
Janet Davidson
Janet Seward
Jauise Seteurnear
Jean Morgan
Jean-Pierre Dostaler
Jeannine Lebel
Jeannine Legault
Jen MacDonald
Jennifer Snell
Jessica Sheppard
Jessie MacIsaac
Jim Beard
Jim Cairney
Jim Leliveld
Jim Vandervoort
Joan Coyne
Joan Langtry
Joan Lemieux
Joan Lepage
Joan O’Brien
Joan Wills
Joanne Sabourin
Jocelyn Unsworth
Joe Sinicrope
Joe Stalmach
Joe Thottungal
Joe Winchester
John Bolech
John Hof
John Lammers
John Lange
John Sammut
John Sebok
John Stefan Obeda
John Ward
John Ware
Jonathon Van Maren
Jordan Beard
Joseph Patrie
Joseph van der Vegt
Josie O’Rourke
Joy Wolfenden
Joyce C. Allison
Judy Smith
Julia Irvine
Julie Culshaw
Julie Smulski
K. Neatyrexuslei
Karen Thomson
Karine Surprenant
Kas Pelc
Kathie Hogan
Kathy Vanderlinde
Kathy Waechter
Kay Newbold
Ken Martin
Ken O'Day
Kim MacMullen
Kim Tran
L. Jill Vince
Larry Chretien
Laura Gueguen
Laura Patrie
Lauralee Sopczak
Lauralee Sopezak
Laurelia Charlemagne
Lawrence Moore
Len Mihalicz
Leo Andal
Liana Gallant
Linda Allard
Linda Cobb
Linda Laperle
Linda Tensen
Lise Anglin
Lois Duncan
Lorelle Baptiste
Lorraine Lemay
Lorraine Lynch
Lorraine MacPherson
Lorraine Martin
Louis Seward
Louise Chretien
Louise Dubois
Louise Letourneau
Lourdez Mangaring
Lucette Pilon-Bergeron
Luciano Ingriselli
Lucie Bastien
Lucille Bourbonnais
Lyse Charron
Lyse Charron
M L Currie
M. Bozozuk
Madeleine Lafleur
Madeleine Thomas
Maeve Ryan
Magda Baillot
Malcolm Roddis
Marc Dennis
Marcel Sinasac
Marcelle Belanger
Margaret Thomson
Maria Cairns
Maria Torrone
Maria Ym
Marian Obeda
Mariana Marchand
Mariane Louis-Seize
Marianne Proulx
Marie Stalmach
Marie Vanbergen
Marie-Claire Fortin
Marion Labonté
Marlene Holt
Marnie Sebok
Marta Pan
Mary Ann A. Peralta
Mary Catharine Carroll
Mary Doyle
Mary F. MacDonald
Mary Jean Belford
Mary Knechtel
Mary MacDonald
Mary Michael
Mary Mitro
Mary Olszewski
Mary Pantone
Maryke Vos
Mat Uszewsko
Maureen Ward
Michael Liang
Michael Szakowski
Michael Ward
Michelle Sinasac
Miranda D. Reis
Moncia Roddis
Murielle Plante
Nancy Kerslake
Nancy Macri
Nancy Tremblay
Nancy Winslow
Natalie Grenier
Natalie Hudson Sonnen
Natasha Fernandes
Neva Lorenzon
Nicole Arranz
Nirmala Ym
Noreen Minifie
Norman Jay
Pat Laviolette
Pat Macdonald
Patricia Balis
Patricia Chura
Patricia Moore
Patricia Trites
Patrick Pena
Paul Charron
Paula Maloney
Pauline Guzik
Peggy Doucette
Peggy Hunter
Peggy Kelly
Per Talgoy
Peter McGann
Peter Ryan
Philip Tan
Phyllis Dennis
Pierre Collette
Pierre Poirier
Ray Thomson
Rebecca Ocoma
Rebecca Richmond
Rejean Besner
Renald Veilleux
Rev. Mr. Rudy M. Ovcjak
Rhiel Perrin
Rick Stankiewicz
Rihad Lzrkncb
Rita Hude
Rita Hudec
Rita Magny
Robert Campbell
Robert Farley
Robert Halpin
Robert S. Anderson
Romana Dolcetti
Romana Pecek
Ron Trent
Rosanne De Luca
Rose Marie MacMullen
Rose-Marie Gagné
Rosemary Connell
Rosetta Caza
RS Ayart
Ruth Spearns
Savio Leon DeSouza
Scott Eagan
Se Ardaf
Sean Mulligan
Sean O'Carroll
Shane Allard
Sheila Knight
Sheridan Brace
Sherwin B. Peralta
Sheryle Snell
Shirley Leduc
Simone Gingnas
Stan Siok
Suma Joe
Susan Ditmar
Susan Duguay
Suzanne Lalonde
Sylivie Bozozuk
Sylvie Bissonnette
Ted Sabourin
Teresa Aitken
Teresa Kane
Teresa Psutka
Terry Cantin
Tess Sturgeon
Thea Streng
Theodore Morgan
Theresa Everett
Theresa McDonald
Theresa Winchester
Therese Lavergne
Tom Mockler
Tony Gosgnach
Tracey McAskill
Twilight Beltran
Ulrika Drevniok
Valerie Bottyan
Valerie Delaney
Veronica von Neubronn
Vicki Forsyth
Vince Berndt
Vince van den Bosch
Viviane Pelletier
Wanda Hartlin
Wayne Waechter
Wayne Weston
Wendy Wellington
Yvon Pelletier


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Government of Bangladesh dismisses board of FPAB

Two more interesting things from my recent ATIP to DFATD and the $6 million grant to IPPF.

1) FPAB is the Family Planning Association of Bangladesh. In other words, FPAB is IPPF's member association in that country

Apparently the entire FPAB board was dismissed by the Bangladesh government.

DFATD refers to page 5 of the semi-annual report (ATIP page 67), which I also had from my last ATIP. (See ATIP page 119 below).

This is what DFATD asked in their question to IPPF:
"Could you provide some information about why the Government of Bangladesh dismissed FPAB's Board in August? Also, I don't know if you informed DFATD about this when it happened. However, this is the sort of thing we should know about when it happens, so that we are able to respond to any questions that may arise."

I looked at page 5 of the semi-annual report (from my previous ATIP) to see what IPPF reported there (see below ATIP page numbers 66 and 67. I also include page 66 for context). Well that part of the ATIP is blacked out on the semi-annual report.

So what does IPPF respond to DFATD's question? I don't know, because that paragraph is completely blanked out citing s.21(1)(b) of the Access to Information Act*. Which mean we have no idea, why the Government of Bangladesh dismissed the entire board, of an organization that operates on IPPF's behalf, using dollars from Canadian tax payers.

2) Note this question from DFATD to IPPF, and IPPF's response, also on page 119:
"DFATD: In addition, I would be curious to know how IPPF CO monitors project activities. Much of the report seems to be based on the self-reporting of the MAs. While I have no reason to doubt their reports, given the level of interest in the project, it would be helpful to learn how you track progress on the less quantitative aspects of the project. (emphasis mine)
IPPF: Regional Technical Officers are in regular communication with Member Associations (MA), and take regular visits to each MA to monitor their activities and progress. It is during these visits that the more qualitative aspects of the project are monitored and reviewed. In turn, Regional Technical Officers are also in regular contact with the Access Team in the Central Office to ensure MA. activities are in compliance with IPPF technical guidelines as well as IPPF's Strategic Framework.

"Self reporting" of member associations. I find this a bit worrisome. Especially when the entire board of one of those organizations has been dismissed and we don't know why.

* s.21(1)(b) The head of a government institution may refuse to disclose any record requested under this Act that account of consultations or deliberations in which directors, officers or employees of a government institution, a minister of the Crown or the staff of a minister participate