Friday, October 24, 2014

Justin Trudeau - Charter doesn't grant a right to abortion

Justin Trudeau tries to use his Father's views on abortion, to rationalize his own illogical views, on not allowing those who are against abortion, to becoming Liberal candidates:
"I had an extraordinary example in a father who had deeply, deeply held personal views that were informed by the fact that he went to church every Sunday, read the Bible regularly to us, and raised us very religiously, as Catholics. But at the same time my father had no problem legalizing divorce, decriminalizing homosexuality and moving in ways that recognized the basic rights of the people. He too held fast to his beliefs. But he also understood that as leaders, as political figures, and as representatives of a larger community, our utmost responsibility is to stand up for people’s rights. 
I share my father’s view of leadership in this regard..."
Yet Pierre Trudeau the senior said:
“You know, at some point you are killing life in the fetus in self-defence, of what, of the mother’s health, or her happiness, or of her social rights or her privilege as a human being? I think she should have to answer for it and explain. Now, whether it should be to three doctors, or one doctor, or to a priest or a bishop or to her mother-in-law is a question you might want to argue, you do have a right over your own body, it is your body. But the fetus is not your body; it’s someone else’s body, and if you kill it, you’ll have to explain,” 
Junior also never tires of saying that abortion is protected under the Charter:
"I would expect incoming MPs to vote in favour of a woman’s right to choose, which has historically found protection under Section 7 of the Charter."
But abortion is not protected under the Charter. Not now. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow.

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  1. "There is no, per se, right to abortion."

    --Joyce Arthur, Executive Director, Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada.