Wednesday, October 29, 2014

CPCs helping in Zambia

So today I finally got around to filing. I don't like filing. It's one of those jobs that has to get done or else I start getting panic attacks because I can't find anything.

I picked up the newsletter from the Christian Advocacy Society of Vancouver and read it again.

One of their program directors was telling us about the work she was doing in Lusaka Zambia. She was doing training to educate pastors and their wives on the sanctity of life.

Norma and her team provided us with examples of the work they were doing there. Just one example:
"How does one support a pregnancy centre in a developing city in Zambia? Start a chicken and pig farm to finance their staff and services. This enterprise was supported by the church which the majority of our Lusaka team attends."
I thought to myself, wow how great is that? Imagine going to Zambia and helping the people there, like this pregnancy centre does. And to think that Joyce Arthur did (and continues to do) her darnedest to make life miserable for crisis pregnancy centres like the one in Vancouver and the life saving work they do.

I wonder if Joyce Arthur has ever done any pig farming in Zambia.

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