Friday, September 23, 2022

Charity that receives millions in government funding is maliciously attacking other charities

"Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) are anti-abortion organizations disguised as clinics that provide counseling and other prenatal services. They often provide inaccurate information about abortion or pregnancy options...[Action Canada isCreating a new social marketing campaign to counter the misinformation of these Crisis Pregnancy Centres" (emphasis added)

The pro-abortion Action Canada for Sexual and Reproductive Rights have raked in at least $15,161,401 since 2020 in Federal government grants to do their nasty work. I say at least, because they will also receive some of a $19,638,400 grant to Oxfam Canada. How much, we don't know.

And they also have the nerve to look for more money in the form of donations, to further their malevolent endeavours.

"Yes! I will help put a stop to fake abortion clinics in Canada"

Revenue Canada needs to investigate this hateful behaviour. In fact maybe the ones who should have their charitable status revoked, is Action Canada for Sexual and Reproductive Rights.