Thursday, September 2, 2021

CPCs should sue the Liberal party for libel

Directly from the Liberal policy platform:

"In 2021, women’s rights should not be up for debate. Yet the Conservatives want to roll back abortion access.

Meanwhile, anti-choice organizations are actively working to spread misinformation about abortion, putting the health and safety of young people and vulnerable women at risk.

Provide up to $10 million to Health Canada to develop an easily accessible portal that provides accurate, judgement-free, and evidence-based information on sexual and reproductive health and rights, which will include a section that counters misinformation about abortion.

No longer provide charity status to anti-abortion organizations (for example, Crisis Pregnancy Centres) that provide dishonest counseling to women about their rights and about the options available to them at all stages of the pregnancy." (emphasis added)

This sounds like something out of Joyce Arthur's playbook. Arthur began going after Crisis Pregnancy Centres (CPCs) as far back as 2009 with her "report" Exposing Crisis Pregnancy Centres in British Columbia. She absolutely hates these organizations which support women in crisis pregnancy situations. Her "report" was exposed for its gross misinformation in this detailed rebuttal by the organization Arthur was going after.

Then in 2017 I wrote another rebuttal to Arthur's further fabrications in this report, when Arthur went on another witch hunt of CPCs.

It seems now that her inaccurate and hateful venom has seeped its way into Justin Trudeau's policy platform. 

More on Arthur's CPC witch hunt here

Let's hope the media does its job and exposes Justin Trudeau's adherence to the lies about crisis pregnancy centres that made their way into his election platform.

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