Friday, February 18, 2022

Letter from a Canadian to her Prime Minister

Dear Justin Trudeau,

I know you will never read this email. Or respond to it. Because you ignore people like me who write to you. Maybe if we agreed with you, you might respond. I have no idea. You've ignored every single letter I have ever written to you.

I am really really tired of how you treat some Canadians. Those who you don't agree with.

I am a Canadian. I pay your salary. As do all the other Canadians you don't respect enough to respond to. Like the truckers. Like pro-life people. Maybe there are other Canadians you don't respect too. 

We are not second class citizens. We are real people. With families. With real problems. With rights. 

You say you support the rights of people. But from where I'm sitting, I don't see that. It looks like you do what you want. When you want. When it suits your purpose. 

You could have just talked to the truckers. They just wanted some face time with their prime minister. These are hard working Canadians. They are not violent. You are their prime minister too you know. You talked to the BLM people. You even "took a knee" with them. (I only kneel to God). Do you see the double standard here?

Mr. Trudeau, why don't you respect people you don't agree with? I really really do not understand this.

All that said, I do pray for you. I pray for you every day. I have hope that you can change. You can if you want to. It just takes a little effort. People change all the time.

Patricia Maloney
A Canadian

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