Monday, March 15, 2021

My views are not pathetic, outdated, or offensive

TO: Lucille Collard, MPP in Ottawa—Vanier

Dear Ms. Collard,

I am your constituent. I am a woman. I am against abortion. I support that Sam Oosterhoff is also against abortion. I see that you don't support him, when you re-tweeted this statement from Emilie Leneveu:

Emilie Leneveu, Ontario Liberal Party candidate for Bay of Quinte, issued the following statement:
“Last week, on International Women’s Day, Doug Ford spoke about his ‘commitment’ to gender equality. One week later, when one of his MPP’s is proudly leading an attack on women’s reproductive rights, he is silent. In a time and age like this – the Premier of Ontario is legitimizing attacks on the reproductive rights of women by allowing one of his own male-caucus members to continue these anti-women attacks.
Equality requires more than words it requires action. It needs leaders to take action and speak up. Instead, Ford’s silence just empowers and enables this outdated and offensive behaviour. 
I hope that young women in this province use this as motivation to get involved and speak up – whether that’s through joining a political party, an advocacy group, or talking to your own social groups, it’s critical that we use our voice and tell Doug Ford and Sam Oosterhoff that their pathetic views are unacceptable for Ontario in 2021.”

Mr. Oosterhoff's comments are not "anti-woman attacks". They are not "pathetic". His behaviour is not "outdated and offensive". They are brave comments/behaviours. More men should have the courage to speak out like he does in support of pre-born Canadians. Not only does Mr. Oosterhoff stand up for the rights of these children, he also won't let the feminist bullies tell him what comments/beliefs he is allowed to have. And even though he is not "dictating any of your choices", I thank God he is against choices that are grossly immoral and intentionally kill a child in the womb.

And please let's dispense with the "reproductive rights" nonsense. There is no such thing. What we do have is the "wholesale slaughter of children" masquerading as "reproductive rights".

I wish we had a whole lot more people like Mr. Oosterhoff at Queen's Park. How wonderful that would be.


Patricia Maloney

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