Sunday, October 30, 2016

Beware of doctors carrying flowers

Dr. Ellen Wiebe has now "assisted" the death of 32 people in Canada.

Just like abortion has many euphemisms for the killing of unborn children (woman's choice, right to choose, terminating a pregnancy, reproductive choice, etc. etc.), we now have the euphemism "medical aid in dying" for killing born people:
"A Vancouver-based doctor with nearly four decades experience in family medicine, Wiebe has lately become one of Canada’s leading advocates for medically assisted death. Since the new laws came into effect, she has provided dozens of people with lethal doses of sedatives, all by intravenous injection. Richard Brown would be her 32nd. They made an appointment: He would die in his bed, on Thanksgiving Sunday."
Dr. Weibe is also an abortion doctor. It is unknown how many unborn children she has killed.

Dr. Wiebe's latest "patient" was Richard Brown who was in St. Paul's hospital in Vancouver, who refused to put Mr. Brown to death:
"St. Paul’s staff held a “family meeting” with Brown and his son Jeremy. According to a dictated note from a St. Paul’s palliative care doctor, Brown indicated at the meeting “that he wished to pursue medical assistance in dying in the community … (but) based on the current criteria, Mr. (Brown) does not qualify as he, in our opinion, does not have an illness that will cause death in the foreseeable future.” “At the time of discharge,” the note continues, “Mr. (Brown) was, in our team’s opinion, able to manage at home alone.” The note was sent to Wiebe after Brown had left St. Paul’s for the last time.."
Dr. Wiebe didn't share the opinion of St. Paul'. And since Dr. Wiebe had no hospital privileges at St. Paul's, she came up with quite an inventive way of visiting patients:
"Wiebe didn’t share the St. Paul’s opinion; she had visited with Brown before his discharge. The visit was somewhat disguised. Wiebe doesn’t have doctor’s privileges at St. Paul’s, so she sometimes arrives at that hospital bearing flowers, looking as if she’s a relative or friend to a patient. She won’t acknowledge that she “assessed” or consulted when she saw Brown at St. Paul’s. 
“People have accused me of practising medicine without hospital privileges,” she says. “I can get into trouble for that.” But she did manage to examine Brown’s records, and she spoke with him for about half an hour. She concluded he qualified for a medically assisted death." 
Richard Brown died by lethal injection at the hands of Dr. Weibe:
"Wiebe and her nurse arrived at the Brown house on Thanksgiving Sunday, before noon. As he had requested, none of Brown’s children were there; he’d spent time with his sons the day prior. A family friend let the doctor and nurse inside. 
“I accepted the offer of a cup of tea while I prepared my syringes,” Wiebe said later. Brown was in bed. He looked outside the window. “It’s a golden day,” he remarked. He turned to Wiebe and apologized for “interfering” with her Thanksgiving.
She administered the drugs and he died."
It must be quite the thing to fill a syringe with lethal drugs; inject those drugs into a human being, and then watch as the life flows out of that person. And less messy than an abortion. Maybe Dr. Wiebe has a new "calling"?

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