Sunday, July 20, 2014

Thanks Premier David Alward

Protests and crowd-funding can’t prevent N.B. Morgentaler clinic from performing final abortions

I think what the government is doing in New Brunswick is very courageous. The Morgentaler abortion clinic is closing, and the government won't budge.
"...By law, a woman in New Brunswick who wants an abortion covered by medicare must have two doctors certify in writing that it is medically necessary and the procedure must be carried out by a specialist in one of two approved hospitals. Once the clinic closes, those two hospitals will be the only facilities in the province where abortions will be provided...
...The government has consistently held by its position that there is no need for change because women will still have access to abortions that are medically necessary and approved by two physicians."
New Brunswick, like all provinces, has jurisdiction over their own health care. They deem what is medically necessary and what isn't. They have put in place the criteria regarding medical necessity for abortions, and are sticking by it.

Other provinces could do the same. If they weren't so gutless. Which they are. They'd prefer to run with the pro-abortion herd, instead of asking themselves what is better for our society and our children.

Thank you Premier Mr. David Alward for having a mind of your own and not blindly joining the pack.

Maybe you'd like to thank the premier. I will.

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