Sunday, July 20, 2014

Our responsibility to act in our circle of influence

Fr. Yves talks today about God's mercy and justice.

In this life God's mercy is there for the taking. In the next life justice will be satisfied. God allows us to choose sin over his love. He gives us time to repent of our sin here on earth. Mercy is outward focus. Mercy counteracts evil. To do nothing about evil is a grave injustice against God. And we bring justice on ourselves. God offers us mercy to give us the opportunity to repent.

Fr. Yves goes on to say that we must, within our circle of influence, remind those that God's mercy and patience and will one day change to irrevocable judgement for sin.

He spoke about something that's happening within our circle of influence in Ontario: is that the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario are reviewing their policy of human rights. There is pressure on the College that would require physicians to provide non-emergency services (abortion and emergency contraception) that go against their conscience. We can add our comments to CPSO's website on conscientious objection go here.

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