Saturday, July 26, 2014

Offensive and despicable bus ads--not

This person doesn't like the ads on Guelph's buses. She thinks they are "offensive and despicable".

So I went looking for the offending ads. This is what I found.

I thought I was looking for something offensive and despicable?

The woman goes on quite the rant about these ads, most of which doesn't make a lot of sense.
"First, there's no such thing as "unborn children." A fetus becomes a child only at birth and beyond. A fetus becomes a child only at birth and beyond."
What's she talking about? A member of the human species is an unborn child. It's certainly not an "unborn cat" or an "unborn gorilla". This is basic science.
"...for me, it's hard to fathom the gall of any man holding a strong anti-abortion view and expressing it publicly. He is not pregnant, and will not become pregnant, nor will he suffer the pain of childbirth."
All of this has absolutely nothing to do with allowing a man to join the abortion discussion, nor should it. To exclude a group (men) in participating in this discussion, or any discussion, is called discrimination based on gender.
"Thankfully, in 2014 in this democracy, accidentally pregnant women are offered early abortion...accidental pregnancies in this province are treated quickly in hospitals or clinics, as are other accidents."
The ads don't change this "thankful" solution to "accidental pregnancies" so what's her problem?
"Accidentally pregnant women/girls will not be cowed or controlled by uninformed busybodies who call themselves pro-life. There are more serious social problems to deal with, such as the tragedy of unwanted children — five-year-old Jeffrey Baldwin, who was starved to death by his grandparents in 2002, being one. Give him some thought."
Doesn't she comprehend the irony of her statement? These ads are trying to educate us on the tragedy of unwanted children. Apparently its message is lost on the letter writer. Too bad. She could use some educating on pre-born children.
"women/girls who chose abortion will feel no shame or guilt — the feeling will be relief."
I can't imagine how she knows the feelings of the literally millions of women who have had abortions.
"As well as personal reasons, many young people know we live in a greatly overpopulated world — one that cannot or does not sustain us adequately in food, health, and harmony." 
This sentiment always scares me to death--when people think that abortion is a solution to a supposedly overpopulated world. We can just kill them off. So disposable. So unwanted. So pathetic.


  1. What is truly disturbing is the "BEYOND" word she used...So even after a person is born, that person should be killed??? Is that what this "thing" refers too???

  2. When we ran a bus ad here in Halifax, we had so many pro-choice people upset. And our ad was simply a picture of a newborn baby, with the words Luc was born today, but his life began nine months ago. Even a pediatrician took offense, saying that we were making women feel guilty. What's next? banning biology in schools because the text will read that life begins at conception?