Friday, July 11, 2014

Educating conservatives

Listen to John Robson's excellent rant on how Conservatives in Ontario, and Federally, aren't really conservative at all. It was aired on June 30, 2014 on CFRA.

Starts around 17 minutes into the segment.

On the Ontario Conservatives and Tim Hudak:
"[The Conservatives] are not hard right--if you go any further left, you'll bump your head on Kathleen Wynne."
"Hard right [for the Conservatives] is to imitate Dalton Mcguinty."
On Tim Hudak:
"what did he say about abortion? Nothing. What did he say about religion? Nothing...what did he say about anything other than money. That's not right wing. That's demented neo-liberalism progressivism. What did he say about law and order? Nothing?..."
On Stephen Harper:
"Here's a guy who won't touch the moral issues with a 39 and a half foot pole...has dramatically increased government spending, talks a good game on the military but has actually gutted it--that's not conservatism. Conservatism would take a stand on things other than 'money buying you happiness'...they're all progressive and no conservative already..."
This audio should be mandatory listening for all of our Conservative MPPs, and MPs. Not that they would. But they should.

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