Tuesday, January 24, 2017

More deceipt at Planned Parenthood

Live Action's latest sting on Planned Parenthood is unbelievable.

The pro-abortions hate CPCs because they say CPCs lie and misinform women and are deceptive in their practiscs. Which of course, is all nonsense.

Now we find out that the real great pretenders are Planned Parenthood, who contrary to what president Cecile Richards will tell you, do not offer pre-natal care.

From people who work at Planned Parenthood:
"Planned parenthood doesn't offer prenatal care because they offer abortions...we don't offer pre-natal care here at Planned Parenthood...we specialize in abortions that's what our ultrasounds are for...I know it's called planned parenthood and that's kind of deceiving...which is a deceptive name right?..."

Thank goodness President Donald Trump is stopping funding for Planned Parenthood.

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