Thursday, January 5, 2017

Ottawa-Vanier byelection--how about a new beginning?

Ottawa Vanier will be having a byelection, I'm assuming, soon. This week I received a letter from a Liberal nominee hopeful, Ainsley Malhorta.

Who will the Conservative candidate be I wonder? Another automaton who gives the new normal (politically correct) answer on abortion? Will anyone stand up and say that just maybe they are against abortion?

Political correctness has become so boring. Lawrence Solomon writes in the National Post that 2016 marks the end of political correctness:
"2016 wrote the epitaph to political correctness, the most insidious of the evils facing society and also among the most toxic. To silence challengers to today’s orthodoxy, self-styled “social justice warriors” on the left have been quick to label dissenters as racists, sexists, homophobes or Islamophobes, unaware that in previous generations the dissenters from the orthodoxies — those who fought for emancipation of the slaves, women’s suffrage, gay and other civil rights — succeeded precisely because upholders of the orthodoxies were unable to silence dissent."
Dissent anyone? Anyone at all in Ottawa-Vanier? Someone who will stand up against abortion. Who will stand up against political correctness. Who can think for themselves. Who care about something more important that just winning power at all costs--unlike a certain person called Patrick Brown who won the Ontario PC leadership.

I guess that party is aptly named--PC party--the Politically Correct party. Really no different from Kathleen Wynne's party, just a clone of it, really. Just like all the rest of the parties in this country, with the Christian Heritage Party being the lone exception.

And what has political correctness got us?
"Those who see 2016 as an annus horribilis aren’t wrong. The tragic, often politically correct decisions made by the West in recent years have culminated in horrible results; the slaughter in Syria, the migrant crisis, the terrorist attacks being but some of the recent examples. In 2016 we are paying for these sins, but 2016 isn’t to blame. 2016 is merely representative of a new normal. The sinning occurred in years previous.
But 2016 should also be seen as an annus mirabilis; a wonderful year that heralds a return to the old normal. We in the West have awakened to our misfortune, to the box we put ourselves in, and we are now about to pull ourselves out."
Ottawa-Vanier--anyone want to climb out of that box?

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