Thursday, January 19, 2017

Who pulls Patrick Brown's strings anyway?

You know I have to say. It's pretty impressive when someone running for the federal Conservative leadership, actually speaks out on the Ontario government's hiding of abortion information. That's what Pierre Lemieux has done and is doing.

Heck I can't get Patrick Brown, leader of the Ontario conservative party to speak out on it. Mum's the word for Patrick. I guess after he two-timed us he decided he didn't need us social conservatives. Nope.

And Patrick is the one that you think would care about hiding abortion information. After all it's an obvious low picking fruit he could pluck from Kathleen's lush tree of juicy debacles. But no. Better to just stay quiet about it all. Maybe Kathleen pulls Patrick strings? I don't know but, Pinocchio comes to mind.

This is Pierre's announcement of his support for accountable, open and transparent government. Nope. I've never seen Patrick say anything about this. Too busy jumping to Kathleen's tune I guess.
Governments need to be accountable for how they spend our money.
In 2012, the Ontario Liberals stopped releasing data on how many abortions are performed every year.
Every other procedure is reported - but not abortion data.  This is censorship.
This is contrary to transparency and accountability in a free and democratic society like ours.
What should be available data is being kept from the public.
Right now, a group must take the Liberals to court to get basic information about healthcare – and about how our taxpayer money is being spent.
Such evidence and data are crucial to forming effective public policy and to shaping debate.
As Conservative Leader and Prime Minister, provincial and territorial governments will be required to fully report on how they spend healthcare dollars.
No exceptions.
Will the Ontario Liberals stop hiding this data?  They need to remove the clause they snuck into FIPPA that states “This Act does not apply to records relating to the provision of abortion services.”
Will Patrick Brown, leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, commit to making our healthcare spending information public if he is elected Premier in 2018?
Provinces and territories should be accountable for how they spend healthcare dollars, and we need to work together to reverse this censorship and this lack of transparency:  Support my campaign and donate today!
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