Monday, January 9, 2017

Why doesn't Patrick Brown speak out on FOI?

Pierre Lemieux believes in open, transparent and accountable government. He is running for the leadership of the federal Conservative party.

I've never heard Patrick Brown speak out publicly on Kathleen Wynne's government's decision to hide abortion information. Though he did tell me on the phone back in 2014 that he supported my case. But there is nothing at all on the Internet that shows his support.

Funny that it takes a federal Conservative party leadership candidate to speak out on this trampling of freedom of expression rights, but our provincial Conservative leader--who should care considering that health is a provincial matter--says nothing on the subject.

So I just sent Patrick Brown an email and asked him what his position is on this issue. When (if) I receive a response I'll publish it.

1 comment:

  1. Patrick Brown is a big time traitor who snubbed his social conservative supporters-- those who elected him as party leader. A traitor is worse than an enemy. No surprise on this betrayal.