Saturday, January 28, 2017

Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau - Stop exporting abortion

My post to International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau inspired this letter from Theresa Winchester:
"Ms. Bibeau, I read with interest how you want to increase the funds available for abortion in developing countries using my tax dollars to end the lives of innocents in the pre-born stage of their lives.

Please be aware that I strenuously and absolutely disagree with this. I object totally with my tax dollars being used to pay for abortion in any and every country in the world including Canada.

You want to "ensure that every pregnancy is wanted, every birth is safe, and every girl and woman is treated with the dignity and respect she deserves."  That's nothing new because we all do. But coming from a Liberal MP who condones the death of girl children in the womb simply because of their gender, that's rich indeed.

How about we give Canadian tax dollars instead to organizations who work in developing countries to provide good pre-and post-natal care along with the facilities for safe birth? Isn't that a radical idea, Marie-Claude?

We would never accept abortion in Canada that is justified by unsafe birthing conditions; we would demand that all women have access to safe childbirth, n'est-ce pas? It sounds quite simple and it is. Odd that I just can't see the Liberal government getting on board that one for women and children in developing countries. We hear nothing from the PM about providing funds for safe childbirth NGOs, only the same old tired tune from Justin Trudeau about how he is a committed feminist even while applauding the freedom of choice that allows females to be killed before they are born in Canada and in other countries solely because they are females.

I don't know how you people sleep at night.

Yours sincerely,"
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