Thursday, May 9, 2019

Abby Johnson's message to the Liberal media, the Liberal Parliament, to pro-life people and to the Church

Abby Johnson at today's March for Life in Ottawa.

"I want to say something to the media who filmed the counter-protesters.

It is cowardly to support death. It is courageous to support life.

Canadians are too polite. We have to stop being too polite. We have to stop listening to the Liberal media. It is time to stop listening to your Liberal parliament.

It is time to stop cowering in our Christian churches. We need a radical spiritual conversion in Canada. And that is going to start in the church.

My question to the clergy who are here today. What are you afraid of?

We are waiting to hear your voices from the pulpit. We are waiting for you to lead on this issue
St John Paul II said "be not afraid". No matter the repercussions.

Abortion is not going to end in the parliament. Abortion is going to end because each one of you raised your voices.

No More death. No more evil. Not on our watch.

We stand on guard for thee.

It is time to stand up. It is time to break free of the fear that binds us. To heck with the repercussions.

It is time to use our voices and act. And don't tell me I'm going to pray for the end to abortion. You better pray and you better do something with that prayer.

We have to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. We have to be his mouthpiece. Everywhere we go.

Canadians this is not your pro-life activity for the year. This is just one small thing you can do. Being pro-life is living out your convictions every single day. In your schools. In your workplaces. In your family. Everywhere you go. Without fear. Be not afraid.

Unplanned is coming to Canada

It's time for the nation. It's time for the world to see what I saw.

It's time for the nation to know because of the radical mercy of Jesus Christ that we are forgiven.

Those of us who have participated in abortions don't have to be ashamed. There's no condemnation in Christ.

We don't have to live a lifetime of regret. There is freedom in the name of Jesus. And Canada is about to see that redemption in the film Unplanned.

And as you walk away from this March please pray for those who are misguided who are standing there on that corner. Because conversion is possible for even them. Conversion is possible for everyone who has breath in their lungs. And that is how we will make abortion unthinkable in Canada.

We will do it with conversion. And we will do it with boldness. Thank you."

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