Monday, May 20, 2019

How we can support pro-life MPs until GAP is gone

Joyce Arthur and company want people to write to the MPs who bravely attended the March for Life.

I took their advice and wrote my own letter. ARCC even compiled the email addresses for me to use. Bonus. You can do the same.

And don't forget to cc these MPs:

Dear MPs who attended this year's March for Life in Ottawa,

Unlike our good friends over at the Abortion Rights Coalition who think you are evil scum of the earth, I am very proud that you chose to stand up for life at this year's annual March for life. I know this can be a very unpopular position to take.

I know it's not always common to do the right thing. But so what? Do it anyway, is my motto.

Contrary to the pro-abortions, I was delighted by your participation in this year's March for Life pro-life rally.

As you know, abortion has fatal consequences for the pre-born child in any and all circumstances. So much so, that death by abortion is 100% guaranteed to kill the pre-born child.

I am for the protection of those who are in the womb. And I would hope that my elected officials would hold these same basic principles, even though many do not. But you do. Awesome.

Contrary to what the Honourable Maryam Monsef (Minister for Women and Gender Equality) put it in her open letter to you; fundamental human rights should be guaranteed for all human beings and since the pre-born child is a human being, they have the same human rights as you and I do.

It's simple logic really, and it shouldn't be too hard to understand--even though Ms. Monsef is apparently ignorant of this important fundamental truth. Too bad for her.

I, as a Canadian woman, am asking you and your party leader to re-affirm Canadians right to protect human rights for all Canadians, including those still in the womb and unable to protect themselves.

Hopefully this Liberal government will soon be a distant memory come October and we can forget that the Governing Abortion Party (GAP) who will be but a distant nightmare that will finally end.

Fingers crossed.

I sincerely hope to hear back from you regarding this matter.

Patricia Maloney

I love this one. My body my choice. Not your body. Not your choice. Imagine making swag with a lie on it?

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