Friday, April 26, 2019

Pro-abortion with an exclamation mark

I have grown weary of the main stream media of late. There is so much leftist ideology in the MSM that it has become overwhelming. But I have discovered an amazing antidote to this pervasive dogma that floods the airwaves. It is listening to podcasts from really smart, interesting, super informative conservative and or religious commentators.

I have now installed Podcast Addict on my Android phone. My podcasts are now easily managed and I can even download them to my phone so I can listen to them in my car when I have no wifi. And I don't have to turn on the radio. Even better.

Yesterday I listened to a podcast from my friend Johnathon Van Maren who is now recording his podcasts for LifeSiteNews. These podcasts are absolutely amazing. In this episode he interviews long time pro-life advocate Dr. Monica Miller.

Dr. Miller's story is good for many reasons. But it was when she spoke about retrieving the bodies of thousands of aborted fetuses from abortion clinics, that I could feel my chest tighten. Dumpster diving. She rescued them and meticulously took pictures of them and stored them until she could provide them with proper burials. Instead of throwing them out with the garbage.

When we listen to Dr. Miller's pro-life advocacy story, it should be impossible for us to not pick up the pro-life torch and become pro-life activists ourselves. How can we not?

Dr. Miller spoke about the following two videos that will break your heart.

The funeral service

Showing the aborted fetuses on TV

When the "pro-choice" people tell you they are "pro-abortion" please remember what that means. It means they are pro-killing of pre-born children. Remember these pictures. Remember the tragedy that Canada, her prime minister, and her MPs support and pay for. Remember these pictures when "pro-choice" people say the images we use are fake.

And remember the exclamation mark.

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