Thursday, April 25, 2019

Misleading, incorrect, absurd, perverse and galling

Ottawa councillors Jeff Leiper and Catherine McKenney want bus ads removed from Ottawa buses.

No surprise there. "Pro-choice" people hop on this band wagon all the time. They like to march to the drum beat of pro-abortion Joyce Arthur (her description not mine) who has a perpetual campaign to discredit anything and everything that is pro-life.

Listen here to Jeff Lieper on CFRA, who tells us the reason he wants the ads removed. It's supposedly because the phone number on the help line in the ad, doesn't actually belong to Action Life. Duh. Action Life isn't a crisis pregnancy centre. If they used their own number, that would be misleading. Because as an educational group Action Life is not qualified to help women in crisis pregnancy situations, whereas crisis pregnancy centres are qualified.

(Read Action Life Ottawa's full statement on these bus ads here.)

Lieper sounds fairly reasonable when he discusses his position, even though I don't agree with it.

1) But wait a minute. Lieper isn't actually complaining about the phone number. No No No. Lieper, and a few other councillors, don't like pro-life anything. This becomes immediately apparent when you read his written statement.

It sounds like something pro-abortion Joyce Arthur could write on the subject, and heaven knows the woman has written a lot on the subject

2) In their statement the councillors go full monty into pro-abortion nonsense land.
"A woman’s right to choose to access health services in order to terminate a pregnancy is well-enshrined in law"
There is no Charter "right to choose" abortion in Canada. This misinformation is declared three times in the statement.

3) They use the word "anti-choice" seven times in their statement. We are not anti-choice. We are "pro-life". Maybe we should start calling the "pro-choice" lobby "anti-life"?

4) This:
"In May 2016, Vancouver researchers with a pro-choice coalition studied the purported counselling services offered by anti-choice groups and found that their tactics were misleading and often based on medically incorrect information. A 2010 Toronto Star investigation found many of the same issues. For example, it’s common for anti-choice groups to assert a link between abortion and breast cancer (“resources” related to which are available from Action Life’s website). As most Canadians will recognize, such claims are absurd and have been well-debunked by the medical establishment."
Not "misleading" or "incorrect" or "absurd" or "de-bunked" at all. Please read articles below for a full rebuttal to Joyce Arthur and her Abortion Rights Coalition 2016 report where her unproven allegations are dismantled piece by piece.

And they call us "perverse" and our ads "galling". Oh wow.

5) Final point. What is this mild mannered, fairly measured single concern about the accuracy of a phone number--that suddenly morphs into a full throttled manifesto against pro-life advocates and their freedom of speech rights? What exactly is Lieper and Mckenny's hidden agenda anyway?

What it's not about, is the telephone number.


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