Thursday, April 25, 2019

Action Life Ottawa's statement on pro-life bus ads in Ottawa

Action Life Ottawa is an educational pro-life organization founded in 1971. We have never presented ourselves as a pregnancy support centre. For this very reason, we do not direct individuals who need pregnancy support to our office number – instead we direct them to a number that can address those needs.  The helpline number shown in our advertisement is one that we have used for many years in various materials and advertisements. This national helpline number originates from the Crisis Pregnancy Centre of Winnipeg and is answered 24 hours a day.

Action Life wants to inform women that pregnancy support exists in Canada. We believe that women have a right to this information. And we direct them where to find it.

Our website provides a listing of local help agencies as well as the national helpline number.

Our advertisement is neither misleading nor inaccurate.  It does not contravene any law or advertising standards. Help is available at the number shown in our advertisement.

We have used this helpline number in three previous OC Transpo bus campaigns beginning in 2016. The first campaign drew some media attention including Evan Solomon’s program.

The same helpline number was listed on a sidewalk kiosk advertisement on Bank street from 1994 to 2007 for a full twelve months of every year. 

Any woman who feels vulnerable under any circumstance should know there is help available. Members of city council should support the right of all women to have access to every support system available to them.

So members of city council should fully support the right of women to have access to this helpline number rather than attempting to have our advertisements removed from OC Transpo buses.

Louise Harbour
Executive Director
Action Life Ottawa

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