Saturday, October 28, 2017

Ireland worries about Canada's born alive abortions

Remember the 491 born alive abortions in Canada in for 2000 to 2009?

Well Ireland has picked up on this worrisome fact and has some worries of their own:
"Concerns were raised to the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, over claims made in the Oireachtas..." 
"Abortion is not criminalised in Canada and is governed under the same laws as other health procedures. Anti-abortion campaigners in Ireland have claimed that the liberal law has led to terminations where the foetus was still alive after the procedure."
Rónán Mullen, the independent senator, claimed on the record of the joint Oireachtas committee considering repeal and replacement of the Eighth Amendment that in Canada “botched abortions have taken place in recent years and where children were alive after the procedure”. 
Mattie McGrath, the independent TD, has made similar claims and Cora Sherlock, a spokeswoman for the Pro Life Campaign, has said that there were more than 400 babies in the last ten years “born alive in botched abortions and left to die alone” in Canada. "
SOGC was not able to respond to the allegations:
“The SOGC is not aware of cases where there is evidence of any dereliction of duty, and therefore we are not able to respond to the allegations that you refer to in your email,” he said." 
And Stats Canada could not "support or refute" Ireland's concerns about these born alive abortions:
“There is nothing in the data that would support or refute the characterisation of these events as ‘botched abortions’ or the assertion that these infants were ‘left to die alone in hospital corners’,” Statistics Canada said in a letter.
(Note that for the 10 years 2000 to 2009 there was an average of 49 born alive abortions per year. The latest numbers are an average of 73 per year or a 50 % increase in born alive abortions. See below.)

Previous entries on live births:

Here is an update on Canada's born alive abortions. These abortions are coded P96.4, "Termination of pregnancy, affecting fetus and newborn".

1) After you go to the link above, click on "Add/Remove data".

2) Go to "Step 4 - Select: Cause of death" and click on "All" twice (the first click all causes of death to be ticked, and the second click removes all causes). Then scroll down towards the bottom and click only on "Termination of pregnancy, affecting fetus and newborn [P96.4]"

3) Then go to "Step 5 - Select the time frame" and choose from 2009 to 2013.

Between 2009 and 2013 there were 366 born alive abortions in Canada or an average of 73 born alive abortions per year:

(UPDATE: I realized that I included 2009 in both calculations. If we ignore 2009 in this most recent calculation, it would be a total of 299 for four years for an average of  74.75 born alive abortions per year)

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