Friday, October 27, 2017

Abortion bubble zone goes after Catholics - Michael Coren

"fundamentalist fanatics"
"angry zealots"
"right-wing fringes of Christianity"
"arch-conservative views"
"protesters howling"

This is what Michael Coren calls pro-life people. Naturally he agrees with the abortion bubble zone law.

I'd love to know where and when Coren has witnessed this kind of behaviour from pro-life people. Because I never have.

I think Coren may have learned the pro-choice chauvinist lingo from his new friends on the far left. Maybe he's had writing lessons from say Heather Mallick. Or maybe Joyce Arthur. Or maybe even Fern Hill.

Whoever it was, they taught him well. I hope he enjoys his new company.

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  1. The case of Michael Coren is strange indeed. We brought him down to Halifax to speak at our pro-life dinner some 5/6 years ago and his talk was great. How he did this 180 turn is a mystery to me, but it seems to be tied into the LGBT situation. Something in his personal life obviously changed and he switched positions on almost everything he had previously believed. Or perhaps the old "unrepented sin" has twisted him in knots.