Thursday, December 8, 2016

Welcome to Liberal Canada

God help Canada.

First off today we have a disgusting CBC segment on This Hour has 22 minutes where the actor begins by taking the Lord's name in vain in a crude manner like someone from the proverbial locker room. I know this is fine with some people but pretty disgusting behaviour that I can't imagine our tax-payer funded broadcaster would ever get away with if the object of their ridicule were Muslims. The actor then proceeds to ridicule and make fun of the fact that new MPP Sam Oosteroff is against abortion. So very funny (apparently). Naturally anyone who is anti-abortion must be made fun of, right?

And the CBC says they are not biased for abortion? I'd like to see the CBC make fun of pro-choice people. Haha.

(If you are so inclined, and I hope you are, I suggest you send in your complaint to the CBC Ombudsman Esther Enkin at

Then we have the media being totally moronic about insisting that new MPP Sam Oosterhoff answer their questions about same-sex marriage. Oosterhoff kept insisting he had already answered their questions the day before. Not good enough. Oosterhoff actually remained very gracious in his attempts to focus on his first day as an MPP by celebrating with friends and family. But the ignorant media were having none of that. I would not have been as kind as Oosterhoff. I'm pretty sure.

Last but not least, we learn that a teenager doesn't feel "safe" because her teacher said he was against abortion. The un-named teacher said:
“I find abortion to be wrong...but the law is often different from our personal opinions.”
This is where the story gets really scary:
"A little later, the class had a five-minute break, and when it resumed, several students didn’t return, among them a popular young woman who had gone to an administrator to complain that what the teacher said had “triggered” her such that she felt “unsafe” and that, in any case, he had no right to an opinion on the subject of abortion because he was a man."
What happened next was outrageous. The teacher first apologized, but this wasn't enough. He was fired.

The girl feels unsafe? Are you kidding me? Babies in the womb are not safe. The teacher who was fired for believing that slaughtering unborn babies was wrong...was not safe. Now the teacher's family is not safe because their dad lost his job because he believes that abortion is wrong. That's not safe.

Remember Nazi Germany? When Jews were persecuted? When Jews were not safe? When Jewish academics and others were prevented from working?

This is where Canada has got to. Except now it's Christians.

When Justin Trudeau said that pro-life people can't belong in his party, the rot started at the top. And now it's making its way downward.

Wake up people. This will only get worse.

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