Monday, December 12, 2016

Pro-deathers also want access to information

It isn't only pro-life people who want accessibility to freedom of information from the Ontario government. 

"Dying with Dignity Canada is concerned about the Ontario government’s commitment to transparency after legislation was tabled Wednesday that would exclude hospitals from freedom of information requests related to medically assisted death." [just like it is with abortion]
“While we support the privacy 100 per cent of clinicians and patients, we’re having trouble understanding why there’s a restriction on those requests as it relates to public health care facilities,” said Shanaaz Gokool, the CEO of Dying with Dignity Canada. [how long have I been saying this?]
In Ontario, medical assistance in dying is covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan and the drugs are available at no cost [just like abortion].
...Gokool [is] concerned about the limits it places public information. [as should we all be concerned]
If the government’s proposed legislation passes [Patients First Act], information about which facilities provide medically assisted death, and which don’t, will also be restricted. [just like it is with abortion]
More importantly, Gokool said, the public won’t be able to find out what communications have taken place between those institutions and the government. [yes, just like it is with abortion]
“We find it troubling,” [no kidding] said Gokool, adding that there are hospices across the province that are opting out of providing medically assisted death. 
“Freedom of information requests have become a tool in democracy … for civil society organizations like our to find out what’s going on in government run programs and such. [I couldn't agree more]
“These are public health care facilities that receive public funds and they should be accountable to the communities and the province.” [I really couldn't agree more]
Hospitals are excluded from freedom of information requests for other services, including abortion, he noted. [thanks Dr. Hoskins, tell me something I didn't know]
“We are looking forward to the discussion now that the legislation is in,” Hoskins said, noting he hasn’t introduced any legislation that didn’t result in discussions and amendments. [what about when you snuck in the abortion exclusion clause Dr. Hoskins? you didn't even bother to discuss it then.]
“This is a sensitive subject and important to Ontarians and we want to make sure we get it right,” he said. [That's because they really messed it up when they decided to hide abortion information]"
I guess it's settled then. All Ontarians believe access to information in Ontario is important. 

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