Wednesday, December 14, 2016

CBC doesn't report Pierre Lemieux's pro-life news

A couple of days ago CPC leadership candidate Pierre Lemieux announced that he would make sex-selection abortion illegal.

Good. A politician making an unambiguous stand against one type of abortion: The kind that targets baby girls. So nice to see principled and politician in the same sentence.

So off I went to see how the media was reporting on this news. What did I find? Well there seems to be one article out there in the mainstream media, all from the Canadian Press: Toronto Star, National Post, Huffington Post, CTV, Global News, as well as a bunch of local newspapers.

The Globe and Mail didn't bother to publish anything at all. They are always biased against anything pro-life, so this wasn't a surprise.

But what is really interesting, is that the CBC also didn't bother to publish anything. That would be the same CBC who thinks they aren't biased towards abortion. But they are, as I have written many times.

So why didn't the CBC, our publicly funded, national broadcaster, not report to their national listeners that there is a very vocal CPC leadership contender out there, who will make sex-abortion illegal?

Can you answer that for us CBC? We really want to know what excuses you'll make this time.

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