Thursday, March 5, 2015

When evil spreads

Last week Maureen and I prayed at the Ottawa abortion clinic. It was very cold. It was very sad. It's always sad there. How could it not be?

In fact Canada is a very sad country, and getting sadder every day it seems. Unlimited abortion on demand, and now we'll have an assisted suicide regime to follow in abortion's foosteps.

And the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario wants to force doctors to refer anyway, even when they object to these practices.

While the world is outraged over ISIS, all of this is going on in our own backyard. With hardly a peep of protest from the average person.

It seems that prayer in front of an abortion clinic is all that some of us can do to stem the tide of the evil. A tide that's spreading. Right in front of our noses.

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  1. I think so much of what happens in Canada is because we have become such a nanny state. We really do rely on the government to manage our lives from cradle to grave. And this makes us very apathetic. We have lost the concept of running our own lives or relying on our own resources to get through any crises.