Saturday, March 14, 2015

When the right to choose is no longer an unfinished sentence

Last night I had the good fortune to attend CCBR and CLCY's, opening night of their say No 2 Trudeau campaign in Victoria.

Jonathon Van Maren and Alissa Golob both presented to the audience and answered questions afterwards.

Jonathon told us that this will be the biggest pro-life campaign ever, depositing 1,000,000 postcards, and calling people to have the conversation. The conversation that the "pro-choice" people don't like to have: Abortion and Justin Trudeau's Personal Anti Pro-Life policy.

CCBR knows their graphic postcards work. They've done polling, and in in one campaign they delivered 110,000 postcards, and polled both before and after the campaign. They learned that 80% of the participants said they had seen the postcard. And that 42.3% said the postcard made them feel far more negative about abortion. The campaign also cut the number of people who felt positively about abortion by 18-22%.

Even the pro-abortions know this is effective.

In a LA Times article written by Frances Kissling (Catholics for a Free Choice) and Kate Michelman (NARAL) said this:
"In recent years, the antiabortion movement successfully put the nitty-gritty details of abortion procedures on public display, increasing the belief that abortion is serious business and that some societal involvement is appropriate. "
We were even honoured to have nine young liberals present, a teaching moment for them, I can tell you.

One question asked by the Liberal group was regarding some pro-life people who are violent. Jonathon replied that those people are not really pro-life at all, because they do not support the sanctity of life, and pro-life people always support the sanctity of life, for all people. That doesn't mean they have the right to violate his sanctity of life.

The questioner then countered saying:
"but it does allow you to violate the sanctity of a woman's right to choose?"
Jonathon replied that:
"There is no sanctity of a woman's right to choose to end the life of another human being."
Questioner again:
"Don't you believe in a woman's right to choose? It is her body right"?
Alissa responded:
"if I got pregnant today, and a month later I find out I'm pregnant, and then find out I'm pregnant with a male fetus, would I become a man?"
I think its quite possible the young Liberals learned a couple of things last night. At least I hope they did.

The campaign is going across the country, I hope you can attend the session in your city. You may learn something too.

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