Saturday, April 12, 2014

Closure of Morgentaler clinic is great news

MP Niki Ashton isn't happy that the Morgentaler abortion clinic in New Brunswick is closing.

Too bad for Ashton. Too good for preborn babies.

Ashton says that:
"This is a matter of life or death for women across the Maritimes...There should be no place in Canada where a woman's health is compromised because of a failure to provide access...More over, by imposing these restrictions it compromises women's health...Now these women no longer have access to health services that other Canadians have access to. It is time to address the gender inequality that exists when it comes to health care services available in Canada."
It always amazes me how the pro-abortions equate abortions with health care. What exactly, is healthy about killing human beings? Abortion is not a medically necessary procedure. It's not medically necessary for the woman, and it's not medically necessary for the child.

In most cases abortion is psychologically, emotionally and physically harmful to women. In 100% of the cases, abortion is fatally harmful to the preborn child.

And because abortion isn't medically necessary, it should never be funded by taxpayers. New Brunswick has it right.

Any money saved from the closure of Morgentaler's clinic, could be put to far better use supporting crisis pregnancy centres, including beefing up adoption support.

I'd like to see the rest of Canada follow suit.


  1. The way in which those who push abortion justify the act as being about women's health is so unbelievable that any normal person should be laughing out loud at the ridiculous arguments. Anyone who falls for the deception, pardon me the outright lies, needs to give their head a shake. Pat Maloney, you have such a way of clearing up the muddy waters. I follow your blog and look forward to every new entry.

  2. "Life or death"-- yeah, it is a matter of life or death LITERALLY FOR THE UNBORN CHILD.