Monday, April 14, 2014

Do you want Stephen Harper to win the next election?

Check out this poll: Will you vote for Stephen Harper in the next election?

When I voted no, 60% had also voted no, and 39% had voted yes.


  1. And when you don't vote for him, you are helping to assure that we will have Justin Trudeau, the airhead, as our next prime minister.

  2. Julie, I can't vote for Stephen Harper. I will vote Christian Heritage if necessary.

    Voting for Harper is just rewarding bad behaviour. People used to say that once he got his majority, he would do something about abortion. He never did. And before that, people hoped if he led the Conservatives to power, he would do something about abortion. He never did, never will, so why should we continue to vote for him? We are only hurting ourselves if we vote for him.

    Now there are some pro-life MPs (Conservative or Liberal), and if I were in such a riding I would vote for him or her, but I'm not. My MP is pro-abortion-choice and a Liberal. I have asked Conservative candidates during elections how they would deal with life issues, and they obfuscate. I'd want a clear guarantee that I could hold them to if elected. Mind you a Liberal lamp post could run in my riding and it would be voted in.

    1. At this point in time, I vote for a Conservative MP that is and has a pro life voting record. I would still vote Conservative if I didn't because frankly the choices of who else would lead this country are pathetic at best. And the CPC have had the most pro life caucus that I can ever remember with motions and bills being introduced even if defeated. Stephen Harper while protesting loudly against all these efforts of the pro life voice, has not succeeded in silencing it.