Monday, April 21, 2014

Ministerial horse manure is standard output for politicians

I got a kick out of Christie Blatchford's comments in Saturday's Post.

Blatchford was lamenting how she couldn't get a straight answer from the Minister of Canadian Forces for an article she was writing.
"She [public affairs officer in DND] did not respond to a single one of my questions...
...I’m happy to use the ‘response’ you sent, but it is hardly responsive to the questions I asked. And frankly, I expected better.”...Ms. Crouse replied with a “Sorry, that’s all we’ve got for you.”...
It was not responsive to my questions. It said sweet bugger all. It was ministerial horse manure and it took seven days to get it."
This is just normal procedure for politicians: they never answer questions. Just look at my own correspondence with Queen Kathleen and Princess Deb-has-all-the-answers-Matthews, neither of whom are capable of answering a simple question. See here, here and here.

Pretending to be open, transparent and accountable, is way more fun than actually being open, transparent and accountable.

Yep. Sounds just like Queen Kathleen and Princess Deb-has-all-the-answers-Matthews.

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