Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tax-payer funded pinkos at CBC

For some reason I am always surprised at how pink the CBC is. Like this morning where in the space of a half hour, I listened to two of Michael Enright's goes-without-saying-lefty-culture topics that forms the ethos of our tax payer funded national broadcaster.

The first was from UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, who talked about man made climate change as being a given. Clearly she has never read the National Post which if she had, she'd learn there is a completely different side to that issue. But no, that doesn't suit the CBC. It is simply a given that this is settled science. Everyone knows that right?

The second was as essay from John Miller Demos in Lithuania: Hey hey! Ho ho! The thing I hate has got to go!

So what kind of demos do Miller attend? Well the pinko variety of course. The environment, against capitalism, anti-abortion and women's rights protests, etc.

Again from listening to his essay, it is easy to simply know that, hey aren't all my demos just so freaking righteous?

Now maybe, just maybe, if I listened to the CBC a little longer this morning, I'd hear someone put forth some discussion that maybe, just maybe, climate change may not actually be man made. Or about the 20 thousand strong pro-lifers who demo in Ottawa every year at the annual pro-life rally.

But somehow I don't think so. So I had to turn the radio off. I was starting to feel nauseous.

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