Sunday, November 3, 2013

Maybe the Conservatives are finally getting a grip

It seems the rank and file Conservatives have some pretty good heads on their shoulders at this weekend's Tory convention.
"A motion condemning sex-selective abortion passed with overwhelming support among delegates. Earlier this year, a group of Conservative MPs kept a similar controversial motion from reaching the Commons. "Right now in the world there are over 200 million missing girls because of the practice of using ultrasounds to find out if its a boy or girl," said Vancouver-area MP Mark Warawa. "Girls have equal value as boys, we should not be discriminating against them in any form."There was a closer vote on a policy that "the Conservative Party will not support any legislation to legalize euthanasia or assisted suicide." It ultimately passed, but one delegate from Nova Scotia encouraged delegates to put themselves in the shoes of a person dying in pain who can't find palliative care."
So what was all the fuss about last year, when Stephen Harper, Joyce Arthur and the rest of the pro-abortion crowd all went hairy ape over Mark Warawa's motion against sex-selection? Seems their pathetic attempts at intimidation didn't stand the test of reason, morality, or logic. In short, they're talking through their ears.

Maybe Mr. Harper will finally listen up, and heed what his grass root members are so very clearly telling him. Because many of us, myself included, may not vote Conservative next time. First we need to see more changes in Conservative policy/laws on life issues.

A big part of the Tory base is Social Conservative. We've already been fooled into thinking we'd see some support for life "once the Conservatives got elected". It didn't happen. Then again , "once we got a majority". It didn't happen. You can fool us once or twice, but I wouldn't hedge my bets on round three.

We're watching. And waiting.

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  1. Stephen Harper will throw anybody overboard whom he thinks ruins his chances at re-election.

    He thinks so-cons ruin his chances at re-election.

    So there's your answer.