Friday, November 8, 2013

How to win friends and influence people - the Conservative way

I keep getting these super annoying emails from Ontario Conservative MPPs trying to woo me. They must be getting ready for an election.

Each time I receive such an email, I respond to the MPP with a question, asking them why they did nothing to stop the Liberal government from changing our to access information rights.

I've received at least 11 of these junk emails. In turn I have sent 11 replies asking a question about the abortion exclusion clause that the Liberals added to FIPPA under the pretext of "Broader Accountability". Not.

I'm still waiting for an answer from at least one Conservative MPP, brave enough and principled enough, to speak up. Surely there is one, right?

So far I've heard from:
Andrew Boddington
Tim Hudak (3)
Jim Wilson
Lisa Macleod
Vic Fedeli (3)
Doug Holyday
Monte McNaughton

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