Monday, August 13, 2012

Mr. McGuinty's hidden abortion agenda

There are more letters today in the National Post on what the Ontario Government is doing with its secret abortion agenda: Ontario hiding abortion stats makes the issue even more sensitive.

You know, by the Ontario government deciding to hide abortion statistics, they may have inadvertently admitted there must be something wrong with abortion. Otherwise, why would they hide those statistics?

Is the Ontario government ashamed of its role in forcing Ontario taxpayers to pay $70,545,600 dollars (in 2010) for the 44,091 babies killed each year in the province?

And why is it that it is only abortion information that is being hidden? Is it because maybe abortion is not really just like any other medical procedure after all?

And does the Ontario public actually support using public funds to pay for future, very large, now unknown, number of elective procedures, that will now be done completely in secret?

In fact, one does not even need to be pro-life to support the view that they want to know what is being spent on abortion services in Ontario. All they need to be, is just pro-fiscally-responsible.

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