Friday, August 24, 2012

CCBR and weneedaLAW talk about abortion

Does Canada have any legal protection for preborn children?

What kind of legal restrictions on abortion would a politician be willing to bring forward in Parliament? Would a politician be willing to bring forward a law that would ban all abortions? Would a politician be willing to bring forward a law that was not strongly supported by public opinion?

What about incremental or gestational law, is it a compromise? Should we save some babies when we can't save all babies? Does a gestational law give us something we don't have now? Does a gestational law introduce a new evil or limit an evil? Do we want to place some of the unprotected babies into the protected class?

What is the next step? How do we get support from Canadians and from the media for legal restrictions on abortion? What is our ultimate goal? How do we get there?

Listen to CCBR's podcast on abortion law: Jonathon Van Maren, Stephanie Gray, and guest Mike Schouten of We Need A Law.

Mike Shouten quotes Clark Forsythe, president of Americans United for Life, who said in an essay called "Is it immoral to be prudent?"
"Prudent political leaders must pursue a vision of complete justice - of complete legal protection for human life. But, in the democratic process, they must pursue the ideal in such a way that progress is made and with the willingness to accept something when all is not achievable due to social, legal, or political obstacles beyond their control."

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