Friday, August 17, 2012

Where are you Toronto Star and Globe and Mail cat got your tongue?

Claire Hoy wrote a great piece in the National Affairs: It’s all politics, pure and simple about Ontario's hiding of all abortion statistics.

He wonders why we haven't heard from the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star on this story that one would think would have all the news media crawling all over it.

The National Post has covered this story here and here, but nary a word from the Globe and Mail or the Toronto Star.

You know what I mean G&M and TS don't you? A really good news story, I'm sure you've heard of them. It's a story that people care about, that's topical, that has neat stuff in it like issues, like you know, like democracy and secrecy and intrigue and accountability (or lack thereof)? Stuff like that.

As Hoy points out:
"And speaking of newspaper coverage, as far as I can tell, both the Toronto Star and Globe and Mail, both editorially very proabortion, haven’t even bothered to report this story – odd, given the reams of coverage they gave last year when Stephen Harper announced an end to the long-form census. They treated this cutback on statistics as a national tragedy. But abortion statistics, hey, who cares? All of which goes to show that politicians have no monopoly on hypocrisy".


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