Friday, July 20, 2012

Banning late-term abortions: it's time

Mike Schouten and the WeNeedaLAW people explain their position in today's National Post: Why Canada should ban late-term abortions

And here on their website they have a Q&A with more information and answers to many people's concerns about gestational legislation: Frequently Asked Questions for We Need a Law

Here is an analogy they use for why their position makes sense:
"Working towards the goal of saving all pre-born children, but only being able to save some is not a compromise.

We can use analogies to help understand why saving some is not compromising the principle that every life is valuable. Imagine you are at the lake and witness a pleasure boat sinking. Upon seeing the crisis develop, you jump into your small inflatable dingy and paddle as fast as you can to the scene. When you arrive you see eight people without life preservers desperately trying to stay afloat.. Their boat is nowhere to be seen. Your dingy is much too small for everyone but you begin helping them from the water. You manage to fit three of the eight people in your small dingy and begin the journey to shore. When they are safely in the arms of onlookers you race back to get some more. Unfortunately they couldn’t swim and have disappeared to the depths of the lake. In the shock of what transpired you remind yourself that you did everything you could and saved as many as possible. You wanted to save them all, but considering the resources you had available (a small boat), you did what you could."

I think it's time we finally do something about getting behind legislation like WeNeedaLAW is proposing. The absence of legal protection for the pre-born has gone on long enough. 

And we know that 60% of Canadians would support such a law so what are we waiting for?

It's time to act.

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