Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's the message

Open letter to the Canadian Media,

I attended an important event Monday July 2, 2012. It was in Ottawa and it marked the end of the New Abortion Caravan campaign.

I wish you would have been able to attend.

This group of young, energetic Canadians from the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (led by Stephanie Gray and Jonathon Van Maren) have set a deadline of 18 years, for the pro-life movement to end the killing of preborn children in Canada.

CCBR has a vision and strategy to do it. I hope you watch the presentations. The words "history in the making" spring to mind.

Here is a short compilation video.

And the full presentations.

These people are peaceful, compassionate, and dare I say it, full of humility. They are also very committed to their goal.

CCBR believes abortion to be the social justice issue/human rights issue that cannot be ignored any longer.

They speak the truth with compassion. They tell us that Canada's killing fields of abortion will end. They are already changing hearts and minds of people, one person at a time. They will continue to do so.

The truth is a powerful tool in this battle to stop the killing of preborn children. Stephanie quoted Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788 - 1860):
"Truth passes through three stages. First - it is ridiculed. Second - it is violently opposed. Third - it is accepted as being self-evident."

There were the expected pro-abortion protesters who did their best to prevent the guests from driving into, or out of the parking lot where the presentation took place. These people engaged in the usual angry, loud and intimidating chants.

I think these protesters are afraid of CCBR's message. They didn't want anyone else to hear it either. So they did the only thing they know how to do. They lashed out. Sadly, they can't handle the truth. I think they are afraid of it.

All of this, just as we learned this week from a nationwide survey commissioned by Postmedia News and Global TV, that 60% of Canadians would support a law that places limits on when a woman can have an abortion during her pregnancy, such as during the last trimester.

The evening marked the end of the beginning [of the New Abortion Caravan]. It also marked the beginning of the end [of the 18 year campaign to end the killing of preborn children].

I hope you watch the presentation. It may change your mind about abortion.

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