Sunday, July 15, 2012

End the killing in our lifetime

This was in our Church bulletin today at the Annunciation of the Lord Catholic Church in Ottawa.

Good to see that Fr. Yves chose to do this. Choice. It's sometimes a wonderful thing.


This summer two dozen young adults travelled from Vancouver to Ottawa as, The New Abortion Caravan, an initiative of the Calgary-based Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR).

Along the way they gave presentations about the facts of abortion, and participating in "Choice Chains", using graphic images and engaging passersby in discussions about the harsh realities of abortion. The use of these graphic images is controversial even within the pro-life movement, but CCBR explains how their presentation is well-researched, based in history and the effectiveness of graphic images in changing public opinion about various historical injustices.

The website addresses the issue of the use of graphic images in fighting the war on abortion. The CCBR presenters stated that, The New Abortion Caravan, was just the beginning of the "End the Killing" youth movement's campaign. Their goal is to end the killing of preborn children in Canada "in our lifetime."

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