Monday, June 27, 2022

Quebec outsources the deaths of 154 children by abortion

According to a freedom of information request to the Quebec government, there were 21,265 abortions in 2020/2021 in Quebec facilities. That's a total of $3,205,165 or an average of $151/abortion.

They also outsourced 75 abortions to non-Quebec doctors' offices, at an average cost of $269/abortion

And they also outsourced 78 abortions to non-Quebec hospitals at an average cost of $1,477/abortion. (My guess is that these are all late-term abortions because of the much higher costs)

Quebec also sent one child to the United States to die by abortion in 2020/2021. This abortion cost $599.40.

AB - Alberta CALGARY GENERAL PETER LOUGHEED CENTRE for a total of $1,385

BC - British Columbia KELOWNA GENERAL HOSPITAL for a total of $4,155  ($1385/abortion)

MB - Manitoba HEALTH SCIENCES CENTRE for a total of $1,385

NS - Nova Scotia QEII HEALTH SERVICES CENTRE 2 for a total of $2,770 ($1385/abortion)

ON - Ontario Hawkesbury & District General Hospital for a total of $1,385

ON - Ontario HOPITAL D'OTTAWA 56 for a total of 84,725 ($1,513/abortion. Notice that this cost is the highest average of all the abortions.)

ON - Ontario HOPITAL MONTFORT 4 for a total of $5,522 ($1,380.50/abortion)

ON - Ontario LONDON HEALTH SCIENCES CENTRE 3 for a total of  $4,155 ($1380/abortion)

ON - Ontario North Bay Regional Health Centre 4 for a total of $5,540 ($1,385/abortion)

ON - Ontario Pembroke Regional Hospital Inc.for a total of $1,385

PE - Île-du-Prince-Édouard/Prince Edward Island PRINCE COUNTY HOSPITAL 1 for a total of  $1,385

SK - Saskatchewan Regina General Hospital for a total of  $1,385

Total 78 for a total cost of $115,177 or an average of $1,477/abortion


  1. 56 abortions outsourced by Quebec to Hopital d'Ottawa (General?)
    4 abortions to Montfort
    60 Quebec outsourced abortions out of 78 are committed in Ottawa
    at an average cost of $1477 per abortion
    Average cost of abortion in Quebec facilities $151
    Life is cheap in Quebec, our once Catholic Province!!
    Make Ottawa, Quebec and Canada Great Again: End Abortion

  2. Does $151 per abortion seem really cheap to you? I would've expected that number to be higher.

  3. The quoted cost for abortion always comes from the doctor's billing code for the abortion. There are always other indirect costs for the abortion like nurse's cost, facility cost, anesthesia cost, etc. If all these numbers were included in the published cost, the total would be much higher. For example, the Brampton's women's clinic posts this:
    "If you do not have an insurance plan or OHIP coverage; the abortion procedure can cost between $600 to $1200, depending on how long you have been pregnant for."