Saturday, June 4, 2022

I would really like you all to ask him that question

This is a very important news conference given by MP Cathay Wagantall. What a gracious and beautiful person she is. Far more gracious than I could be in these circumstances.

She lives in Saskatchewan, and can't take a plane or train so has to drive back and forth to her home. She won't reveal her vaccination status.

"All Canadians should be allowed exemptions" she says.

She shows the hypocrisy and heavy handedness of the Prime Minister. She clearly lays the fault of these restrictions on Justin Trudeau.

 A reporter asked Ms. Wagantall "Why do you think the PM continues to extend the restrictions this week? She replied, "I would really like you all to ask him that question, over and over and over again. Clearly there is an alternative agenda and I don't think it's about Covid".

Thank you Cathy Wagantall. I wish I lived in your riding. You are my hero. God Bless you.

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